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4 Exercises You Should Be Doing

Posted Dec 05 2008 3:01pm

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Exercises You Should Be Doing, But Probably Aren’t!

This is a guest post from Vic Magary at Gym Junkies writes articles and films videos about intense fitness training. Make sure to check out Vic’s fitness blog as well…

When it comes to working out, it’s easy to get in a rut and continuously do the same exercises over and over. Routine workouts might produce some results for a while, but you’re going to hit a plateau sooner or later and progress will stop. Here are 4 exercises you can add to your routine to shake things up…

1. Burpees ( video )

The burpee is an amazing full body exercise that tests your jumping, squatting and pushing muscles. Burpess should be done at a fast pace with small breaks in between sets. This will provide the greatest boost to your metabolism which will help you burn calories.

2.Turkish Get Up ( video )

The turkish get up is another full body movement that will also really help with your core strength. You can do this with a kettlebell, dumbbell, barbell or a medicine ball. I like to do these at the end of my workout when Im already torched and ready to give up…

3. Overhead squats ( video )

Are you noticing a pattern here? The overhead squat is another full body movement that will really test your flexibility, balance and strength. Overhead squats force you to use your stabilizing muscles, which are often neglected in a number of exercises.

If you want a great ab/core exercises, the overhead squat might be the best out there…

4. Pistols ( video )

Pistols (aka the one legged squat) will help improve your balance, coordination and strength. It’s a great exercise that forces you to have knee, hip, ankle, hamstring and glute flexibility.

Some people find it easier to hold a medicine ball in their hands while doing the pistol. This helps them stay balanced throughout the movement.


Watch the videos we linked to above and learn the proper form for the exercises before trying them. Lifts like the overhead squat will take some time to develop before you can add a decent amount of weight on the bar.

Keep mixing up your workouts and keep it fun!

Train hard!


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