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39 Weeks & a Happy Mother’s Day

Posted May 13 2013 10:08pm

39 weeks! We are close to the end!

29 weeks (1) 39 weeks (1)

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mama’s out there, especially my own! If all of my future mother’s days are like today, I’m going to be one lucky girl! Tony (& Masey) spoiled me with bagels for breakfast, this initial necklace I have been dying for (it’s baby Y’s first initial!), then we went for a walk followed by movie (Gatsby) and dinner. It’s been a great day!

Oh and we made a little drive to Total Wine to get some celebratory drinks for after baby Y’s arrival.


I really wanted the Pink POP, but they didn’t have it. I’ll have to live with using a pink straw!

This week isn’t too much different than last week except it’s the first time that I’m having a hard time putting my shoes on. I haven’t had any difficulties with that until now. I’ve also had some more swelling. I hate the swelling part… not too much longer!

These past few weeks I’ve allowed myself many more indulgences than I have the entire pregnancy combined. I haven’t really put on much weight this pregnancy and I think that it’s because I never took on the “eating for two” mentality… until about week 37. I’ve had my fair share of desserts and snacks these past few weeks. I think that you can definitely tell in the photos these last few weeks. Oops, at least it was week 37 and not 27, right?

The stats:

39 weeks (2)  

How far along? 39 weeks +1 day
Total weight gain: +17 or 18 depending on when I weigh myself.
Symptoms: Tired, uncomfortable, heartburn, shooting pains, swelling.
Stretch marks? Still none.
Sleep: Depends on the night.
Best moment this week: Having a great first mother’s day.
Miss Anything? Having normal feet
Movement: Oh yes, and it’s starting to hurt!
Food cravings: Oh you know, all the food.
Anything making you queasy or sick: I walked up to Starbucks this morning and got a decaf iced coffee and a banana, on the walk back home I threw up the banana. So weird and it was the first time I’ve thrown up the entire pregnancy.
Exercise: Walking, walking, walking.
Gender: Girl!
Labor Signs: Shooting pains at night. Doctor said that it’s just her head dropping lower. Braxton-Hicks.
Belly button or out? Still in, I knew it wouldn’t come out! It’s seriously the deepest belly button in all the land.
Wedding rings on or off? Off. Wonk wonk.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty happy.
Looking forward to: Meeting our little girl!! SO SOON!

39 weeks (4)

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