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37 Weeks: Officially Full Term!

Posted Oct 12 2011 1:51pm

I am 37 weeks pregnant today. That means if Baby Boy were to be born today, he'd likely be absolutely fine adjusting to the outside-my-womb world without a whole lot of help.

It's almost time to meet him!

How I'm feeling

Several women have told me that the last month or so would have me wanting this baby out "now!" , followed by assurance that this is a very good thing, because it will equip me to do whatever I need to do in order to meet my baby face-to- face.

I believed them, but most of my pregnancy has been pretty enjoyable. I've felt this new kind of beautiful most days, proud, just soaking up the whole pregnancy. I used yoga techniques on my sore muscles and marveled at my body changes (and sometimes struggled with them. I won't say I was floating on clouds at all times, but I certainly tried).

But that place where those wise women said I would get eventually? I'm pretty sure I'm on that path.

I'm still trying to experience this pregnancy and not wish away the days, but my body, mind, and emotions are certainly getting me ready to get this baby out.


There are a few last minute things I'd like to complete (like putting bedding in the crib because our Scat Mat is currently occupying it, a bit more wash to do, a few things to pack), but if this baby came today? I think we'd be "ready". The car seat and stroller are ready to go, and all clothing 0-3 months is washed.

I never did make freezer meals, but that's partly because my mom brought over quite a bit of local, organic, grass-fed beef when she found out my iron levels were still too low. (Tim and I aren't complaining!) A dear friend of mine is coming over to bake muffins with me tonight, we have many boxes of Annie's mac and cheese on hand, should the need arise, and several friends have already offered to bring meals when the baby is born.

I'm fine if this baby wants to show up any day now (although I do have a nervous excitement going on).

However, we're still not settled on a name!

Things to be excited about/thankful for

Lots, of course.

My sweet/helpful/understanding/all-around amazing husband. Many family members who already love my son (I'm so lucky!). Lots of support, love, and excitement (family and friends). Outlets found in writing, cooking, walking, and yoga. A healthy baby and mama. New friends. Dates/trips/adventures with Tim.

My sister and her boyfriend are coming to visit in just a few weeks.

I love my midwives.

The baby has dropped and is in the right position.


My iron levels are high enough! I can go to the birthing center!!!!

I told one of my midwives that I started eating local, organic, grass-fed beef. She said that is the best thing I could have done.

Seems like it was!

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