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36 Weeks

Posted Apr 23 2013 10:08pm

26 weeks (3) 36 weeks (4)

My what a difference 10 weeks makes! Baby Y is getting big. The books estimate that she is right around 6lbs, but we should find out for sure on Tuesday. I had a fetal stress test done on Thursday and the midwife was feeling my belly and said that she feels “plenty big”. I really hope I don’t have to give birth to 10-pounder. However, if she’s a healthy 10-pounder I will take it (I would just prefer a healthy 7-pounder).

These days I’ve been reading every birth story I can get my hands on. It both makes me feel better and terrifies me. I like to know what to expect (I know every birth is different), but I’m scared of the pain and/or complications. I can’t say that I have a “birth plan”, but I do have a couple “wishes”. I would like to progress to about 4-5cm until I have an epidural (if I get one), I would like to not have a c-section (duh), and I would like to allow the cord to stop pulsing before it’s clamped. That’s about it. Our hospital already does skin-to-skin and in-room sleeping as the norm. Obviously the ONLY thing that we really care about it a healthy baby and mama during labor and delivery, but if all goes well that is what we would like to happen.

We’re ready for baby Y to come. Like, I’m over ready. I’m re-doing things because I am out of things to do. And I am spending waaaay too much time on Etsy (we have a bow problem). The nursery is done, I’m just waiting on a Sugarboo picture frame and an ottoman (not the $500 one I was drooling over, unfortunately there wasn’t an ottoman fairy available to deliver one) to come in. All of her clothes are washed through 3 months. Carseat is installed. I mean, there is literally nothing else to do… but wait.

This weekend was spent running errands. Tony really, really, REALLY wanted a Big Green Egg. He has dreams of smoking pork shoulders and ribs. So we drove out to Tucker, GA (where the company is based) and bought a Big Green Egg. I’m not going to lie, I may have shed a couple tears (those things are not cheap), but at the end of the day T works hard and never buys himself “fun things”, so I’m happy he got it. Although I may have bought a bow or two off Etsy to make myself feel better. And yes, I actually cried real tears.

egg (2) bge

Once assembled he got to grillin’ and we had a delicious dinner of ribeye’s and corn on the cob. (we used it as a grill and not a smoker for the steaks.. it took a long time to assemble so we just went for easy).

After the Big Green Egg purchase we went to Micro Center to buy the components of a home office for Tony. A lot of his late nights and weekends at work are spent waiting for others to finish documents so he can them review them and send out the final draft. We decided to get a desktop/docking station and printer/scanner in hopes that he can spend more time at home when the baby comes. Especially on the weekends. Right now it’s just too difficult to get work done on his laptop from home, so hopefully this helps! Bonus for me: I got a new desktop! Lot’s of room for pictures on this bad-boy Smile. Down side? Computer station got put in my modeling corner.

36 weeks (5)

Oh, well. It’s for the greater good. Plus Tony said he would help me move the desk these next few weeks for the picture. Hopefully we don’t have to do it too many more times!

On to the stats! You can see how tired I look in these pictures. Plus I’m pretty sure I had cried a tear or two not too long before these were taken.

36 weeks (1)

How far along? 36 weeks + 1 day
Total weight gain: +13 gaining a pound per week these days.
Symptoms: Tired, tired, tired. Heartburn every once in a while, aches and pains here and there. Really though, I can’t complain too much. I’ve had a pretty easy pregnancy.
Stretch marks? Still none.
Sleep: Eh, not too bad. I’m sleeping through the night most nights. I also no longer have to wake up at 6:30 for work (I wake up whenever I want now), so I think that helps.
Best moment this week: We had a fetal stress test (she wasn’t moving much), but found out that she is doing just fine!
Miss Anything? Not being pregnant. I am really over it. I feel bad saying that because I do want our girl to fully bake and be healthy, and I’m grateful for this experience… but I’m ready to be done.
Movement: She is really running out of room in there. I feel every adjustment she makes. It’s getting uncomfortable.
Food cravings: Back to salty.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Exercise: Not as many walks as I would like, hopefully I’ll be better this week. I’m also thinking about going back to prenatal yoga again for these last few weeks. I know that I’ve said it before, but this time I’m really thinking about it. Haha.
Gender: Girl!
Labor Signs: Braxton hicks.
Belly button or out? Still in, but it’s getting close. Tony thinks it will pop out, I think that it will be flat at the most.
Wedding rings on or off? On, but tighter than they ever have been before.
Happy or Moody most of the time: I was really emotional this weekend for some reason. Cried quite a few times which is not really like me, but overall I am happy. This is really the first time this pregnancy that I have felt those “pregnancy hormones”.
Looking forward to: Our ultrasound on Tuesday. She better be head down! Oh, and another prenatal massage on Thursday.

36 weeks (2)

Ready. To. Go!

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