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35 Male Health & Fitness Tumblr Blogs

Posted Feb 15 2012 12:16pm


This was a fun project to research! And thank you to the health & fitness men of Tumblr for helping me seek you out! Weight Training, Weight Loss… Jujitsu, Kayaking, Hiking, CrossFit… Running, Paleo Cooking, and more. Here are 35 Male Health & Fitness Tumblr Blogs to explore. Have fun!

  1. Free Roam Fitness – I train Smart, I lift Heavy, I run Fast, I move stuff, I eat Clean, I Never Give Up, I listen to my Body, I Win.
  2. Tighten the Belt – One Man’s journey to get a little bit better every day.
  3. Running Towards a New Shoe – This blog is a record of my weight loss journey…
  4. Stay Fit – This is just a log I’m going to be keeping as my life goes on. Fitness and health are a huge part of my life.. Tie those together with Jiu Jitsu and that is my lifestyle.
  5. Fitness Motivation – I hated how out of shape I had gotten. I still could do all the same things running, lifting, playing football. But was easily winded. So I figured it was time I lost weight and toned up.
  6. Don’t Be Weak – When I’m not in college I pretty much live in the gym. Being healthy and living an active life is not just a hobby, but an obsession, so I figured I’d make a blog about it.
  7. Bare Trainingz – I’m a lifeguard, I’m a student, and this is my take on fitness/health/training.
  8. Life & What We Make of It – I once was a man who had become overweight, discouraged with my status in life, and unhappy with the person I had become in general. I took a long look in the mirror and realized that I was capable of much more…
  9. Strong – I will post any variety of things from my day to day thoughts, to my workouts and fitness thoughts.
  10. Brooksylite – I got tired of being obese and bummed out all of the time. Since beginning my journey at 336lbs I’ve lost over 100, started cycling, running, lifting weights, crossfitting, swimming and hiking.
  11. Body Hackery – I used to hack computers. Now I want to hack me. A personal log of nutrition, exercise and other stuff, on the way to being lighter, stronger and healthier.
  12. Captain-Tuna’s Blog – Logging life, lifts, food and random “lols”.
  13. Guru Sports Performance – Strength and conditioning related blog. Articles written by Kurt Vogel; director of performance, research & development.
  14. In All Things Balance – I recently discovered that when you spend your whole life sealing yourself inside your armor, eventually you suffocate and can’t get out. Career musician, health and nutrition, martial arts, literature, humor… etc.
  15. Bigger, Stronger, Faster – I hate school! i love cars! I love working out, i workout 5 days a week!
  16. Okinawon Warrior – Shorin ryu Karate, Logic. Boxing.Parkour. Wrestling. Weight lifting. running. Yoga. Chemistry. Bio Chemistry. Biology. Outdoors. Hiking. Mountain climbing.METAL! Comics.Manga.Anime. Any horror related media.
  17. Music, Movement, Love – Avid kayaker. Also really love the more ‘extreme’ sports, and am not afraid to train for what I want!
  18. McQue’s Training – Welcome to my training page. Im doing this mainly to keep a record of what I’ve done through the year and hopefully years to come. So I know where im up to and what works and what doesn’t!
  19. Cooking Caveman with Jeff Nimoy – While Doing research for a script, stumbled upon what’s called the caveman diet, also known as the Paleo diet. Basically, it’s eating what the caveman ate. He tried it out, and the results have been staggering!
  20. Nerd with a Barbell – This is mainly a photo and fitness blog with random stuff I like thrown in…
  21. Chris Astrauckas – I am a mixed martial artist, and I’m addicted to fitness and nutrition.
  22. Workout Journal #2,759 – My eventual goal is to become a strongman, so I focus on gaining weight and pushing my limits.
  23. Kill Fat Me – I’m into CrossFit, Paleo, and trail running. My blog “Kill Fat Me” is about sharing my hard-earned secrets to sustainable weight loss, fitness, and health for life.
  24. The One Where Steve Works Out – See my workout posts to see what I can do. See my pictures to see what it makes me look like.
  25. No Method… Just Madness – recent member of the crossfit cult with the goal of being a healthier more fit me
  26. Progressive Resistance – A microblog with odd ends of thoughts about fitness, politics, society and pop culture.
  27. Knife Hands – Former model; now aspiring Marine. A student of fitness, science, history, and fashion. Building myself into an American warfighter.
  28. The Business of Getting Fit – You know that breaking point that people talk about? That rock bottom? This is it. I’ve reached my limit. My breaking point. My rock bottom.
  29. Borderless = Limitless = I have a *slight*obsession with Chinese and Asian culture. I have a *major* obsession with martial arts.
  30. Ripped & Fit – Want It, Work It, Get It. You Are An Awesome Force Of Nature. Don’t Ever Stop – No Matter What.
  31. Soy Drink – Love working out so I’d figure I’ll post any fitness related blogs/posts on here.
  32. Running – I’ve been running for about a year or so now but the problem was that i wasnt eating anything near healthy. Im starting to eat healthy this year. and learning quite a bit about nutrition as i go along.
  33. Fitness Brando – No I do not have the perfect body. No I do not know everything about fitness and nutrition. No I am not Tumblr famous. But over the past year I have learned so many things about fitness and nutrition that I would love to pass on to you.

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