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34 Weeks: Are We There Yet?

Posted Apr 11 2013 10:08pm

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I hate to complain because I’m really not all that uncomfortable, but I’m over it. I’m ready to meet the little lady, I’m ready to not be pregnant anymore and I am definitely ready for a margarita.

During the day I feel relatively normal. I can still easily get around, put my shoes on, get dressed and go about my day pretty normally . Sometimes I even forget I’m pregnant (until I get a swift kick to the ribs), but at night… oh, at night. By the time the sun goes down I feel huge, my feet hurt and I am just generally uncomfortable. However, sleep has been much better this week (except for Thursday night!).

I don’t know why, but it feel like I have SO long to go, like the delivery is never going to happen. That’s just not the case though. I have yogurt in my fridge that expires after my due date. We’re ready when it does finally happen! I’ve got my lists checked, nursery done (just waiting on 2 things in them mail that will come right around the 1st of May), baby clothes washed, car seat installed, and pretty much everything else done that I can think of. Just waiting for the babe to fully bake.

Tony and I had our hospital tour this weekend. It made us both feel much more prepared now that we know where to go and what to expect. I also love that both the delivery room and the post-partum rooms are private!

34 week stats:


How far along? 34 weeks + 2 days
Total weight gain: I think I’m up to 12lbs, which doesn’t surprise me because I’ve eaten like total shit the past two weeks. However, it’s still on track with the 1lb a week. I’ll know for sure at my appointment on Wednesday.
Symptoms: Sharp pains here and there, heartburn, back pain, uncomfortable.
Stretch marks? Still none.
Sleep: Pretty good this week minus Thursday night when I was up from about 2am - 5am.
Best moment this week: Hospital tour and getting poked by little elbows and knees that I can tell are elbows and knees (although I don’t know which is which).
Miss Anything? Being comfortable, sleeping on my stomach, wine. Pretty much standard.
Movement: Hiccups and I feel like she’s rolling all around in there.
Food cravings: Cookies, chips, ice cream… all the things that are bad for me.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Exercise: Been on quite a few walks and plan to do the same this week. The weather is supposed to be in the 70’s all week!
Gender: Girl! I plan to make sure that is still the case when we get our 36 ultrasound. For some reason I’m paranoid that she’ll come out a boy. Not that I don’t want a boy, but everything we have are most definitely not boy things.
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly Button in or out? Still and in! I’m on the fence about if I think it will come out or not.
Wedding rings on or off? On, but my fingers and toes are starting to swell at different points in the day and I have to take them off. Other times they are loose. Weird.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! Although yesterday Tony told me I am eating too many sweets lately and I cried. I don’t think he’ll make that mistake again.
Looking forward to: The baby coming. Is it too early for that? Also, our childbirth class this weekend.


Family shot with Masey looking like a weirdo.

See ya next week when we hit the 35/35 milestone (35 weeks down/35 days to go)!

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