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30DS Feb 2012 “2012 Bikini Body” Challenge

Posted Feb 01 2012 1:00am

Coming soon and said to be released on March 6, 2012!  Jillian’s Kickbox FastFix (a pure cardio workout).  I’m going to have to get this one, not only because I’m a huge JM fan but because I really like Jillian’s old kickbox workout called, “Cardio Kickbox” from her Biggest Winner series .  Here is the cover of the new DVD and the description of the workout that I borrowed from (where I purchase my workout DVDs – best prices on the web!).  I believe it’s up for pre-order on as well.

“Jillian Michaels Kickbox FastFix is a total body workout that will fix your physique fast!! These quick-paced workouts will blast off the fat while toning your entire body. Jillian Michaels Kickbox FastFix consists of three 20-minute Kickboxing routines.

Workout 1 focuses on toning the upper body, Workout 2 is going to tone and sculpt the lower body, and Workout 3 really zeroes in on the abs, all while melting of the fat with wild and fun kickboxing cardio.

Never Kickboxed before? Don t worry! Jillian has included a tutorial video that helps you get familiar with the moves so you can perfect your form before beginning exercising. So what are you waiting for? Get in sick shape and start kicking butt today!”


I hope all of you had a fit and successful January. I have a new challenge up for you guys this month and it’s going to focus on building strength to do full on p/u = pushups. How about it? In order to be able to do a pushup you have to practice doing them often and building up your upper body strength. Good luck everyone! And I hope many of you will participate.

**The two DVDs you’re going to need is RIPPED IN 30 AND SIX WEEK 6 PACK. That’s it!


Here is your February 2012 “2012 Bikini Body” Challenge. Every month I’ll be putting out a 2012 Bikini Body challenge to get us ready for Summer 2012. There will be Jillian DVD workouts as well as some traditional non-DVD strength and cardio workouts in these monthly rotations I make up as well.

“I know you’ve all heard this before (yeah yeah), but in order to lose weight and earn a great body you will need to change up your fitness routine every so often to get positive results. This month is strictly Jillian focused since this is a kick off going into the new season…a season where, in the words of The Rock, “putting boots to a$$es in the gym”, to get ready for next summer.”

“People ask me all the time (though I am on a body fat loss journey at the moment) what I do to drop weight, fat and define my muscles and and I tell them that I get my results from doing lots of circuits (like the 30DS – lots of reps, low weights, working a lot with my own body weight w/ short spurts of cardio injected into it).

Helpful Notes…

1. Saturdays or Sundays are rest days!

2. You will be working out at least 40 mins to 1 hour per day, 6 days a week so give it your ALL! Try not to miss a workout. You need them all since the workouts are so short.

3. A basic nutrition plan for weight loss or body fat loss looks like this - M1 (breakfast): a protein + a complex carb + a good fat
- M2 (midday snack): a protein + complex carb
- M3 (lunch): a protein + a complex carb + a good fat
- M4 (afternoon snack): a protein + complex carb
- M5 (dinner): a protein + a complex carb + a good fat
- M6 (bedtime snack – if you need one): a protein + complex carb

4. If you are not eating like what I laid out in #3 (^ up above) then start today. You can train yourself to do anything if you want it bad enough. Like Jillian says “it doesn’t come for free.”

5. I recommend following clean eating principles when it comes to serving sizes. For example…
-protein should be measured by what you can fit in the palm of one of your hands
- starchy carbs (like whole grains which is a complex carb) should be measured by what you can fit in one cupped hand
-carbs from fruits and veggies (which are complex carbs) should be measured by what you can fit into two cupped hands
-good fats (olive oil, sunflower oil, avocado, nuts, seeds, etc.) should be measured by one scant handful of nuts, 1/3 size of avocado and 1-2 tablespoon of oil

6. Water is what you should aim to drink 100% of the time. If you need something else…green tea from tea bags is great with a tsp of raw honey or no sweeteners at all. 3 liters is recommended to consume (though I only take in about 2 since I eat a whole lot of raw complex carbs from fruit and veggies daily).

7. Clean eating, most of the time (like 80% of the time) is key to weight loss, body fat loss and earning a better body, increases energy, helps to keep away ailments and make you feel better overall. Fitness only makes up a small percentage (like 10% of the time) when we talk about weight loss, but it is needed in order to get your metabolism moving so you can lose weight, burn body fat and/or become fit, shape your body, etc. So basically, if you eat bad foods most of the time then working out is just a waste of time. Period.

8. Lastly, it takes an accumulation of “effort and time” to get results so please do not give up on your nutrition and workouts. I started my journey on July 12, 2008 and I’m still working on it. Make it all worth it! Never give up!

Onto the ROTATION!!!!!

1. RIP30 Week 1
2. 6W6P Week 1 + 1 Full P/u (pushups – do what you can, do not use knees)
3. RIP30 Week 2
4. 6W6P Week 2 + 2 Full P/u (do what you can, do not use knees)
5. REST Day!

6. RIP30 Week 3
7. 6W6P Week 1 + 3 Full P/u (try full p/u first, then go down to knees)
8. RIP30 Week 4
9. 6W6P Week 2 + 4 Full P/u (try full p/u first, then go down to knees)
10. RIP30 Week 1
11. 6W6P Week 1 + 5 Full P/u (try full p/u first, then go down to knees)
12. Rest Day!

13. RIP30 Week 2
14. 6W6P Week 2 + 6 Full P/u (try full p/u first, then go down to knees)
15. RIP30 Week 3
16. 6W6P Week 1 + 7 Full P/u (try full p/u first, then go down to knees)
17. RIP30 Week 4
18. 6W6P Week 2 + 8 Full P/u (try full p/u first, then go down to knees)
19. Rest Day!

20. RIP30 Week 1
21. 6W6P Week 1 + 9 Full P/u (try full p/u first, then go down to knees)
22. RIP30 Week 2
23. 6W6P Week 2 + 10 Full P/u (try full p/u first, then go down to knees)
24. RIP30 Week 3
25. 6W6P Week 1 + 10 Full P/u (try full p/u first, then go down to knees)
26. Rest Day!

27. RIP30 Week 4
28. 6W6P Week 2 + 10 Full P/u (try full p/u first, then go down to knees)
29. RIP30 Week 1


And that’s all folks! Again, if you have any questions, want to track your progress and/or get support post your thoughts within this post or on SparkPeople ! I hope a lot of you will participate because this is a another great one of mine. Off to post this on my blog.

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