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30 in rewind

Posted Apr 29 2013 12:00am


The great part about having a blog is that my entire life is recorded and that makes things really easy when trying to take a look back on it. I honestly can’t believe that it’s been a year since I turned 30 . I mean, really? A year has already gone by? And for a brief moment I thought that the past 365 days had gone by without any big significant moment. But then I remembered all the things that happened. And maybe there wasn’t one huge moment but that all of these moments sure added up to one great year. Here’s my year in rewind:

Tried the recipe that would become my favorite meal of the year

Started our bike riding tradition

Became part of Fitfluential

Went wine tasting with friends and fam

Went to Mexico for the Pascoe wedding

Went to Lake Billy Chinook and got wet

Had fun times at the Makela wedding

Celebrated Lauren and Jon getting hitched

Went to Sunriver to celebrate my father in law’s birthday

My berry picking/jam making adventures

Went camping at Barlow Creek

My 1st time not running Hood to Coast

Celebrated at Kristi & Joel’s wedding

I got a new computer

Got a new job

Had a nice visit with my mom

Went to North Carolina

Went to San Francisco + friends + football

Went to Scottsdale

Went to Atlanta

Celebrated Thanksgiving at the beach

Had Christmas in Seattle

We bought a new car

Went to Sunriver for New Years + snowshoeing adventures

Chris went to Asia and Chance had an anxiety attack

We went snowshoeing at Mt. Hood.

We went to Maui for the Duncan wedding

I broke the snowboard out of semi retirement

We went wine tasting

We spent a weekend in Pacific City

Chris made me new raised beds

We celebrated 5 years of togetherness

We tackled the beer trail

Looking back on it makes me realize how freaking great I have it. I mean, who gets to do all of these fun things in one year! The highlights are definitely Mexico and Maui. And I’d say I could pinpoint a few of the best moments – In Mexico listening to David Gray on the roof top deck, when I heard the first few bars of Hey Pretty Girl as Kea and Lorrin danced their 1st dance and our last night in Maui, sitting on our open air patio and then feeling so loved as my husband pulled me into a dance to a country song that neither of us can quite remember…I think it’s was Kenny maybe? Or even as recent as a few weekends ago at the beach when Chris pulled me outside before we went to bed to look at the moon and stars in the crisp ocean air.

See what’s happening here? For a girl who started out this post not really sure about one significant moment, I sure seem to be able to come up with some haha.

Anyway, all in all, great year. In fact, probably one of the best ever. 31 has a lot of pressure on itself but I’m sure it can handle it :)

So Happy Birthday to myself. May this year be full of love, adventure, growth and plenty of good times. Can’t wait to read about what happens next.

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