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30 Days of #Yoga Plus My “Solstice in Times Square” 2012 Experience

Posted Jul 06 2012 11:38am


I completed 30 days of Yoga, last month, in lieu of Summer Solstice – GOAL REACHED!  Applauding myself right now.  Let me tell you all how my flexibility, strength and balance has improved A LOT!!  Even after the completed my 30 days I found myself NEEDING to get some yoga in so now Yoga creeps up after every workout I do and I workout 6 days a week so yeah…it takes 21 days to form a habit and yes, it’s a habit now…I’m in love!

1 – Kim Fowler’s OM Zone Yoga (Legs section only)
2 – Gaiam Aim True Yoga (Authenic Flow section only)
3 – Gaiam Fit Body Yoga (Core Definition section only)
4 – Gaiam PM Yoga (Conditioning section only)
5 – 10 Minute Solution Yoga (Buns and Thighs section only)
6 – Kim Fowler’s OM Zone Yoga (Upper Body section only)
7 – Gaiam AM Yoga
8 – Summer Yoga Workout
9 – STS Extended Stretch
10 – Guided Relaxation Workout
11 – Gaiam Fit Body Yoga (Upper Body section only)
12 – Gaiam Yoga for Conditioning and Weight Loss (33 mins of 1/2 modification)
13 – Yoga for Flexibility Workout
14 – Kim Fowler’s OM Zone Yoga (Core section only)
15 – Gaiam Aim True Yoga (Poses Demystified section) and freestyle headstand practice
16 – 26 Poses of Bikram Yoga (7 rounds)
17 – 26 Poses of Bikram Yoga (7 rounds)
18 – 26 Poses of Bikram Yoga (7 rounds)
19 – Tracie Long’s Reach Further (Chapter 1 only)
20 – SOLSTICE AT TIMES SQUARE 7:30am Class for All and Noon Bikram Yoga
21 – Gaiam Fit Body Yoga (Upper Body section only)
22 – 10 Minute Solution Yoga (Flexibility and Relaxation section only)
23 – Guided Relaxation (ALSO WENT TO SEE “BRAVE” THE MOVIE – AWESOME!)
24 -
25 – Kim Fowler’s OM Zone Yoga (Upper Body section only)
26 – Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown (Level 1 only)
27 – Kim Fowler’s OM Zone Yoga (Core section only)
28 – 10 Minute Solution Yoga (Flexibility and Relaxation section only)
29 – Gaiam Fit Body Yoga (Upper Body section only) + 10 Minute Solution Yoga (Glutes and Thighs section only) + Kim Fowler’s OM Zone Yoga (Lower Body section only)
30 – Guided Relaxation Workout

I’m so sorry this review is so late, but I’m just getting around the updating my blog.

This year I attended Solstice in Times Square and let me tell you how much more enjoyable this year was.  When I attended last year it was my first time and it was pretty unorganized.  I remember people who didn’t have a ticket getting in line and get yoga mats (I still use last year’s mat – thanks to the Lucy company) and space was so limited.  This year…you had to have your ticket AND your check-in confirmation in order to get in line and get your mat and goodie bag and if you didn’t have these two wonderful things you were put into the stand by line.  Hello!   I was like OH YEAH!!!

Let me tell you about space…last year Solstice only occupied the space in Times Square where the bleachers are located and that was it.  I remember having to constantly keep moving my mat up so that more people and late comers could fit into the space.  I was pushed all the way over to one side so that meant I was in none of the online pictures because I was on the edge of the curb.  My husband told me that the Fire Marshall had to come out saying that the capacity of people was too much and how it was a fired hazard.  Oh!  This year?  All of Broadway between 45th street down to 42nd (I believe) was all reserved for us Yogis.  I was feeling that!  The only problem with this is that for the Yogis down on the 42nd street side and part of 43rd could not see the television monitors to see the form on the poses the instructor was calling out.  I was on the 42nd side because I was late, but that’s another story.  I loved how I had lots of space (being tall and all) to stretch out and do the poses the way they are supposed to be done.  Last year, I had to remember to knock kick my neighbor in the face.

Solstice in Times Square Village (this is where the vendors and sponsors are located) was locked down to the public and you could only get to them if you had a class ticket receipt.  I thought that was nice because some vendors and sponsors were giving away free stuff and they wanted to make sure that participants got these things and not outsiders which were so many.

I noticed that security was tight and they were ALL nice!  They seemed to be very into the event and made sure everyone feel at home.  That is something odd to say, but I cannot explain it another way.  I noticed less undesirable comments coming from on lookers and passerby.  I wore shorts this year and I felt comfortable doing Yoga in them this year.  I paid no attention to the on lookers at all as I was deep into my practice.  I love Yoga!

What else?  Next year I will get there on time…I was early last year and that’s because I took the train into Manhattan from Newark (Brick City represent! – plug over!)  and this year I decided to drive since I thought it would be faster…ummm had I left the house around 5:30am I would have gotten there on time and I would have had a space in front of the Solstice Village and Sephora.  Traffic wasn’t bad, but it was kind of slow at 6am.  Never again.  We decided to take the car because my little one was with us…last year she wasn’t.  Next year we’ll be taking her and ourselves on the train.

Lastly, there are no pictures of me a Solstice because I arrived late so hubby let me out while he went to park the car.  I took a couple of pictures from my view of where I was practicing, but that’s it.  The 7:30am class had already started so I went to check in, but all the mats and goodie bags were gone so I was happy I had my own mat (I had my own mat last year as well) so I just found a space to practice really fast and took the workout in.  I found that the Yoga assistants were as helpful this year…maybe it was just the assitants on my side, but I received no help with form and they were not constantly going in and out of the crowd like last year.  I refuse to believe that my form was PERFECTO this year, but I did do a good job so maybe they felt like I was OK as I was going along. Don’t  know.  My only gripe with the instructor, who was awesome by the way, was that she didn’t lead us through any Vinyasa (chaturanga, upward dog, downward facing dog), which I thought was odd, to give us some arm and leg rest.  I felt like I was in low lunge and plank most of the time.  Killer workout, but my arms are toast after that workout.

After the 7:30am class we took a tour of Manhattan and visited Grey’s Papaya for hotdogs…what is in those dogs?  I really don’t want to know so don’t tell me, but I had two of ‘em with a pineapple juice and they were good.  I got back to Solstice around 11:30 for the noon Bikram class, lots of people again (so many more than last year), I checked in, got my mat and my goodie bag and found a space.  I had been practicing my Bikram poses a lot so I could be ready for Solstice and all of that practice paid off.  It was hella HOT that day for Bikram so that was awesome!  Last year was not nearly as hot.  Again, no pictures as my husband was tending to our little one and touring Times Square on foot with her.  I did not attempt Bikram last year due to not having much knowledge or practice with Bikram, but this year I was ready. Next year…pictures galore!  I promise.

Lastly, for real this time!  I was happy with this year’s event!  I’m in love with it.  The improvements were WONDERFUL!  A lot more volunteers and people showed up so I was over the moon. I’m so glad I went! I have dedicated A LOT of practice time to doing Yoga over the last year and I’m so glad it’s now a part of my regiment and my life. Until next year…


Stuff from my goodie event bag…forgot to take pics of my purple yoga mat sponsored by Athleta:



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