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3 Ways to Find Extra Cash for the Holiday Season

Posted Oct 24 2011 6:01am

The holiday season has become a time of the year for gift giving, but the last few years have been tough for everyone when it comes to money matters. There are ways though, that that people can make some extra cash for the holiday season outside of their regular income. To help you get some money in your pocket, here are three ways to find extra cash for the holiday season.

Turn your Hobby into Cash

Most people have hobbies, and if you are like most people, then you may have a small treasure sitting around your home somewhere. If you have collected stamps or comic books over the years, then it may be time to cash them in for some needed cash. Stamps and comic books, like bonds, can increase in value over time. Depending on the year of the comic book or stamp, it is not unheard of for people to make a few hundred or a few thousand dollars for selling an old comic or a rare stamp.

You never know until you look. If you have any old comic books or stamps at home, then search online at eBay or on Craigslist to see how much they are worth. There are other types of hobbies that can make you some cash, like painting, arts and crafts or baking, you just need to be creative in finding ways to sell or market them. If you have an old Nintendo game system and games lying around, it’s surprising to find that some game titles are worth hundreds of dollars.

Turn old Jewelry into new Money

One of the easiest ways to raise some cash for the holiday season is by selling your scrap silver or scrap gold for cash . The price of gold and silver has never been as high as it is today because of the economic crisis, in fact gold, silver and platinum are at their record highs right now. If there were ever a time to cash in on gold and silver jewelry that you do not use anymore, that time would be now.

Take on a Part Time Job as a Pet sitter

As strange as it sounds, being a pet sitter is a great part time job. Many people own pets, and during the holiday season people often travel to see their families for the holidays. But, because of their pets, many people will postpone or cancel their out of town trips if they don’t have a pet sitter. The holiday season is the best time to pass out flyers around your neighborhood offering you pet sitting services. Pet sitters are also house sitters, when people go out of town for a few days they also need someone to watch their homes.

Set a Cash-Raising Goal

Now that you have three ways to find extra cash for the holiday season, you need to set a cash-raising goal. In this way, you will become motivate to raise the amount of money you write down. To find the goal figure, write down all the gifts you want to buy and then make that your holiday season cash-raising goal. wants to help you find extra cash this holiday season by purchasing your scrap gold and silver.

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