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3 Tips to Cut Calories

Posted Dec 10 2008 2:54pm
Losing a few pounds doesn&undefined;t have to be hard as long as you are in no hurry. There are ways that you can cut calories in very simple ways on an everyday basis. Over time these calories will add up and you will find yourself losing weight. Depending on how much you slash your calories you could even lose up to a pound a week. Here are three simple tips to help you minimize your daily caloric intake.

1. Watch what you drink. If you normally pair a meal with a glass of juice make a substitute. Many people start the day with a glass of orange juice which can run from 50 calories or more depending on the kind and the size. Instead try eating the orange. It will fill you up, provide more nutrients, and cut calories.

2. Watch your condiments. Although that tablespoon of mayo may taste great and seem harmless, these unseen calories can add up over the years. Mayonnaise and butter are big time calorie culprits and making a few substitutes is great for your waist line and your heart. Substitute mustard for mayo or some avocado for both mustard and mayo on your sandwiches. Salad dressing can also have hidden calories. Instead of store bought dressings make your own with a drizzle of olive oil, some fresh squeezed lemon juice, garlic, spices, and balsalmic vinegar.

3. Cut the meat. Though some kinds of meat can be good for you in moderation, most people eat too much of it. Instead of a turkey sandwich have a veggie sandwich or substitute ground beef for crumbled tofu in lasagnas or chilis. Skeptics tend to think the taste will not be there but it is guaranteed that once you get used to eating mostly vegetarian you will hardly be able to notice a difference. Making a few vegetable substitutes will slash major calories in your diet and also provide a ton of healthy nutrients and minerals along with antioxidants.

The best way to cut calories is to start with educating yourself and being very aware of what you are consuming. Often it is the little things we do that can either add up to an extra five pounds a year or take those five pounds off.
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