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28 weeks with twins: the birth plan

Posted Jul 09 2013 7:00am

We are officially in the third trimester over here! I think the third trimester should start earlier with twins, but maybe that’s just me. I have discovered this past week though that the third trimester is going to be bringing along a lot of fun times, that’s for sure. ;)

28 weeks  28 weeks with the girls

And because I am really enjoying these comparison pictures these days, here is a side by side of 18 weeks versus 28 weeks.

photo (38)

Woah baby! Quite a difference, I’m sure you’d agree!

Weight Gained: Steadily gaining,  I’m sure! We had a lot of good food when we went up to the Husband’s family’s cottage this past weekend! I have an appointment next Thursday so I’ll update after that. We also have a growth check ultrasound today, so I’ll let you all know soon what these baby girls are weighing in at!

Symptoms: A few were so nice to pop up this past week to “welcome” me into my 3rd trimester.

  • Nausea: Oh yes, it’s back. I’ve heard rumors of the third trimester nausea, but I wanted to believe it to be false. It hasn’t been anything like the first trimester, but I have found myself a little queasy a few times over the past week. It happened first on Saturday, and I thought it might have been because I was out on the lake in a boat, but it keeps coming back. :)
  • Decreased Hunger: So weird because last week I was STARVING. This past week though I have been eating because I have to eat, not really because I’m hungry. Then when I do eat, I tend to overeat because I forget that I am running out of room!
  • Swollen Feet: This only happened on Saturday when we were driving home from Michigan. Apparently if we go for long car rides again, I need to sit in the backseat where I can keep my feet up. My feet were really swollen when we got home because I was sitting for four hours with my feet on the ground.

Movement: All day, every day! I usually don’t feel Baby Girl A as much as I do Baby Girl B, but these past few days she has been moving like crazy. I always get nervous when I don’t feel Baby A moving, but then when she does, I remember that maybe she’s trying to be nice to her mama because when she does move, it feels like she is head butting my cervix!

Food Cravings: Veggies. I didn’t get enough of them when we were gone for four days, and I have been wanting salads like crazy since we’ve been back. Also, brownies. Betty Crocker makes a mean gluten free brownie, and I snacked on them the entire time we were away. I was missing them yesterday when I wanted something sweet!

Food Aversions: Nothing really.

Sleep: No complaints this past week except for when I woke up while we were gone, my hips would be extremely sore because I’m used to our pillow top mattress! :) #firstworldproblems

Stretch Marks? Still none!

Miss Anything? Moving around quickly without the fear of getting contractions! :)

Looking forward to: My ultrasound today!

Belly Button in or out? Half in, half out!

Happy or moody most of the time? I have actually been pretty in control of my emotions this past week. I’m pretty proud of myself!

New Baby Items: I ordered their name decals (no, that is not either one of their names nor the colors I chose ;) ) for the walls as well as this print from Etsy.

Exercise: At this point, exercise is a trip to Target or standing to wash dishes. This past weekend my legs were constantly sore from walking up and down the two flights of stairs from the cottage to the lake. So so sad. :)

The Birth Plan

Ever since I was younger, I always told myself I wanted to have a natural birth with no drugs. My mom had all three of us without any sort of pain relief, and I’m the kind of person who would take that route just to prove that I could do it. Apparently I’m quite a stubborn lady. :)

Then I got pregnant with twins.

Since the beginning of this pregnancy, I’ve been pretty open to just about anything. I told myself from the beginning that I would probably have to have a c-section (the majority of twins are born via c-section). I know that I might not necessarily have to have a c-section, but telling myself that I would probably have to have one has helped me to cope with the idea of having one.

My plan? My plan is to not have a plan.

For someone who is so Type A and always likes to have a plan, this is quite different from what I typically do. However, there are so many unknowns right now when it comes to how these girls will be born. I know that my doctor would not make me have a c-section unless it was absolutely necessary, so I’m trusting her to make the calls when the time comes. The only thing I’m going to ask is for them to delay cord clamping (if it is not an emergency birth that needs immediate removal of both of the girls) and to place them on my chest or to the Husband for their immediate testing (if they are both doing well and don’t need medical intervention).

All I want are two healthy little girls when it’s all said and done – regardless of how they get here. :)

Question for moms: Did you have a birth plan? Did everything go “according to plan”?

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