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28 Week Photos and Encouragement to Keep Running

Posted Jun 01 2009 10:45pm
So this morning I went to see my prenatal doctor, armed with all kinds of questions about back pain, pelvic pressure and running. Bad news is, there's not a lot I can do about any of the pressure-related discomforts I've been having, good news is it will all just go away after the baby is born.

The other good news is that my doctor was really excited to hear I was still running and said to keep it up as long as I can. I asked if the pressure and soreness I felt after my last run was of any concern, and she said definitely not. I asked if maybe the baby was getting to heavy for my nether-muscles to properly support and she said no. She encouraged me and said as long as I was feeling comfortable and fine, and the soreness wasn't too bad, I should keep it up.

Yahoo! I love my doctor!

I also asked her about using a support belt and she said it would help with the back pain, but not to bother wearing it for pressure issues. I figure I'll pick one up and see how it feels when I run, but mainly just use it on my worst back pain days.

Everything else is good. Baby's good. Weight gain is on target. Passed the old Glucose Tolerance Test. Everything is on track. I have a few photos I took last week, week 28. I took these after my last run, and just couldn't resist snapping a shot when I realized I was resting my water cup on my tummy!

And this is what I look like at 28 weeks pregnant...

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