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26 Weeks

Posted Feb 14 2013 10:10pm

Whoa, baby. 26 weeks and growing by the second!


Week 26 has gotten off to kinda a rough start. As a last minute decision last week I decided to go visit two of my best friends, Katie and Courtney, in Charlotte. I had a cold most of last week, but I woke up feeling great on Saturday minus having clogged ears. About 2.5 hours in to my drive my clogged ears became painful and had a ton of pressure (like, the worst pressure I have ever felt in my LIFE!). As the drive continued and I arrived at Katie’s apartment I was in a ton of pain. I was sure my ear drum was going to explode. With encouragement from Kate and Court, we wound up at urgent care where I found out I had a severe ear infection. Ouch! Luckily after getting on meds (antibiotics, numbing ear drops and extra strength Tylenol) and resting for a couple hours, I was feeling much better. Also, this confirmed my thoughts of having an epidural. I CAN’T HANDLE PAIN + PRESSURRE.

After cleaning up us girls headed out to dinner and to a bar/bowling alley. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how I would feel being in a bar at 7 months pregnant, but I had a great time!


Despite our late night, we somehow managed to make it to a 8am spin class at Flywheel. It helps being pregnant/hanging out with a pregnant lady and not being hungover in the morning. Spin class was great, but I had to keep an eye on my heart rate. That class really gets your heart pumpin’!


I’d say that’s a good calorie burn for 38 minutes (we were a little late to class).

A trip to urgent care aside, I had a great time with two of my besties! Can’t wait to see them again in a month (for baby shower #2)!

Our next bump in the road came yesterday when I had an “emergency” trip to the OB. Long story short I have had decreased movements from the little lady since last Wednesday. I really hadn’t felt any kicks or movements from her (just a flutter here and there), which was the opposite of last week when I could feel her all the time. I kept making excuses about why I things might have slowed down, but on Monday morning when I still couldn’t feel her I called my doctor and she told me that they would like to me to come in and be checked out. After many tears, hours of stress and an elevated blood pressure, I was assured by the midwife that baby Y is doing just fine. They measured my blood pressure again after the appointment (because it was too high for their liking originally) and it had come down by about 20 points or so. *Sigh*. They assured me that I did the right thing by coming in, and that I am not a paranoid crazy lady (debatable).

Moving on to the weekly stats:

039 (2)

How far along? 26 Weeks + 3 days
Total weight gain: 7lbs. I guess I’ll be gaining about a pound a week from here on out. Hopefully not more!
Maternity clothes? Yes! I just picked up a few more tops from Gap maternity, too. Thank you 30% off and $20 rewards points!
Stretch marks? So far, so good!
Sleep: Great!
Best moment this week: Finding out everything is a-okay after my major mini-freak-out
Miss Anything? I feel like I should stop saying that I miss the booze, it makes me sound like a major alcoholic, but that is the only thing I miss!
Movement: Better today!
Food cravings: Salty, Salty, Salty.. and cookies. Oof.
Anything making you queasy or sick: I felt really sick when my ear was hurting, but that’s it.
Have you started to show yet: Getting bigger by the second. I can literally feel my stomach stretching sometimes.
Gender: Sugar and spice and everything nice!
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly Button in or out? A bit more shallow, but still a ways to go before its out.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy now that things are looking up!
Looking forward to: Baby Y’s first baby shower this weekend with my UNC girls (3 of which are pregnant, so it’s a combined shower!). Ah, can’t wait to see those ladies!

That’s all for week 26! See you next week, my LAST week in the 2nd trimester!

038 (2)

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