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#25 Sign up for torture…er… go to the dentist!

Posted Jan 12 2010 12:00am

I’m terrified of the dentist. To the point where I even had to get laughing gas, for CLEANINGS.  Why am I so terrified? May have something to do with going to the dentist at least once a month when I was younger.  I had braces for 4+years, and knowing I was going back in a few weeks scared the crap out of me. Its painful, and they would always clip my cheek with the wire cutters, all that nasty wax I use to have to wear so I wouldn’t be stabbed by the extra wire in the back.  Before braces, I went there all the time! Well, it seemed like all the time. I use to have to get all my baby teeth pulled because they would never come out,  along with a ton of fillings. For some reason, my teeth are prone to cavities, but not for my twin brother!? I believe he had ONE filling his entire life, and he didn’t even use Novocain.  I even went as far as to get a giant tattoo of a molar! (yes that’s really my tattoo).  Lots of scary things happened back in the chair.  Had them drop a tooth they had just pulled BACK in to my mouth and I choked on it!! Since I played every sport known to man, I also chipped my teeth a lot, resulting in more work… I hope my parents had good insurance, because I practically had my own stool in there, I was like Norm up in that piece.

Then, as I got older, I decided when I was going to the dentist. And that would be never.  Well, until I was in pain. Which rounded out once every 2.5 years.  Then I’d get the whole shebang. I know I know, not the smartest move. But I brush and floss and pick my own teeth! (not the same, I get it). Dental insurance was also a huge factor, most jobs didn’t offer it, and when I was in school, it wasn’t mandatory, so I wasn’t going to pay $500 a year and pay for something I know I wasn’t going to do!

On the few occasions I did suck it up and go…they were DISASTRIOUS! I went to a certain ‘dental chain’, notorious for false procedures.  They did a full estimate, which resulted in $6000 AFTER insurance. And I PAID for all the work, I was at the dentist every weekend. Like torture. I cried, I kicked and screamed, and even my boyfriend at the time had to throw me over is shoulder and  lock me in his car to take me. Come to find out, they had mistaken my previous white fillings…as “cavities”, so I got the same teeth worked on MULTIPLE times, and was charged for it!  Not to mention the damage they did to ‘unharmed’ teeth, I have marks and bumps and widgets on teeth I never had before!   Got root canals and crowns, and I had to have 4 permanent teeth pulled to make room for my wisdom teeth….and I don’t even HAVE wisdom teeth. (quick fact, the lack of wisdom teeth is a sign of evolution, me nor my father have them, they were used in primitive time to scrap bark off long  switches, for nutrients). And 2.5 years later, I finally paid off the giant loan I had to take out.

So as you can see,  I haven’t had the best of luck.  July18th, my Dads wedding, I broke one of my molars, in half. As in, half of it isn’t there…and 6 months later, I still haven’t fixed it.  Its been about 2.5years since my last visit, and my new job offers dental insurance, so I signed up for it.  I am no longer going to a chain dentistry. Nor will I feel comfortable going to a dental school. Although fantastic I’ve heard, my anxiety and fear needs to be handled by a professional, and I can’t sit in the chair for 4 hours while people try things on me.  I have been recommended a few places, and this year, my destiny is to find a NICE, comfortable dentist who can cater to cowards, and focuses on quality, even if it means I have to take out a loan. I’m sure I need lots of repair work from the other places I went, and fix that bugger of a broken tooth. Feb 1st is insurance day….and I’m sure this year I’ll make an appointment…right? Yes. This year….yeah. Maybe I can get a Hello Kitty Crown!!! SOO COOOOL! (and a lil gross) ;)

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