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25 Days of Christmas: Joy

Posted Dec 17 2011 11:31pm

I did something unheard for me this morning! I slept in until 845.

Still in my PJ’s and slippers., I headed out to the kitchen made some pumpkin spice coffee and a big bowl of oats.

IMG 0873

Next to pumpkin oats, this simple combo of blueberries, almonds, vanilla almond milk, and chia seeds is my absolute favorite. It is my go to and there is just something so tasty in the comfort of this bowl.

I shuffled over to the kitchen table with my oats, coffee, and laptop – loaded up a lifetime Christmas movie and settled in. The boys were still asleep, the kitchen was quite, and I had no where to be – no early morning workout, no errands to run.

I kid you not, all I could think of this morning is this pure joy right here. This is no lie. Those words ran through my head at least 3 times.


( Source )

It is so easy to get caught up in life, and forget to stop and smell the oatmeal every once in a while. It is especially difficult in the fast paced, hectic NYC environment. I need to remember to slow down at least once a day and find joy in the little things.

Part of the reason I love the holiday season so much is because of the sentiments of happiness and joy that comes along with it. For the sake of a healthy mind (and for the sake of my relationship too) I need to carry this sense of joy all year long. Life can get hard sometimes but a positive outlook really does help. It may seem silly that a simple bowl of oatmeal, even though I eat it everyday, made my morning that much better. So whatever it is that brings you that “aaahhh, this is a good life” feeling – embrace it!

Other little things I took pleasure in today:

-meeting up for coffee with a friend

-getting in my 30 for 60 workout at my favorite spinning studio, Flywheel, for free! – also with my friend!

-making a little extra money on the weekend by babysitting and actually having fun with the rambunctious little 1 1/2 year old

This was such a lovely Saturday!

Right now, I’m still babysitting – he’s asleep and I’ve got more Lifetime Christmas movies to watch.

What little pleasures do you enjoy in life?

I also finally updated my workout page and have logged in all my 30 for 60.   Check it out ! From now on I will be sure update it daily with more details for the actual routines.



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