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24 Reasons Everybody Should Sign Up for a 24 Hour Event

Posted Aug 31 2010 6:00am

From events like Relay for Life to 24 Hours of Booty , an event that lasts literally an entire day & night is unlike any other event you’ll do, and it’s one that absolutely everybody can do- no matter your ability, size, age, shape, or training. Here’s why:

1. You don’t need to be an elite athlete. Heck, you don’t even need to be an athlete- a repeated loop means it doesn’t matter how fast or how long you go, you’re still in the middle of the action.

2. Even if you are an athlete, you can participate with people that aren’t, and still do it together. There’s no other “endurance” event that I could have done with my mom.


3. You’ll be inspired in ways you never expected. Volunteers are amazing regardless, but try finding volunteers that will make peanut butter banana sandwiches at midnight, or sit at an abandoned intersection on the course alone at 3 in the morning. Now that’s incredible.


4. When you see an 11 & 13 year complete over 100 miles, you’ll realize you’re probably capable of more than you thought.

5. It’s a great way to expose kids (or non active people) to physical activity. Because of the loop set up, kids can easily join in for a lap or two (or more). I didn’t even know this kind of stuff existed when I was a kid.


6. The options are endless. Bicycle, unicycle, tandem, walk, run, skip, hop. Whatever means you choose, goes.


7. Food. Lots of food.

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8. Friends & family can join you even if they’re not participating. They can volunteer, spectate, cheer, or keep you company for the night.

9. The money raised goes to a good cause.

10. How much you do is up to you- you’ll learn how strong you are not only physically, but mentally.

11. Exercising on minimal sleep is a different experience than being well rested.

12. No other endurance event occurs in the dark in the middle of the night. When else could you do that safely?


13. Even the shyest of shy can make new friends. When you’re together for 24+ hours, you’re bound to start talking. Plus, you already know something they’re interested in, and there’s probably a story behind what got them to the event.

14. The shower after 24 hours of sweat, dirt, & sunscreen will be the best shower of your life.

15. The night after 24 hours of sweat, dirt, & sunscreen will be the best sleep of your life.

16. You get to see a beautiful sunset.


17. You get to see a beautiful sunrise.


18. You get automatic bragging rights: “I _______ for 24 hours” (biked, walked, etc.)

19. You’ll be able to cover distances you never thought possible. Biking 4 miles then resting and biking 4 more is less tiring than bike 8 miles in a row.

20. You’ll be able to hone your inner Girl Scout skills. When’s the last time you pitched a tent by yourself?


21. You can safely participate even if you are injury prone (or injured).

22. You’ll hear amazing stories from amazing people- on the course, at home base, on the campground. 24 hours is a lot more time than a few minutes during a race.

23. The minute it’s over you’ll be inspired to do it again next year- only bigger & better.


24. You get to be part of something much, much bigger than yourself.


P.S. The winner of the hydration giveaway is Katie !! Email your address :)

P.P.S. Clipless pedals rock. I’ve logged 60+ miles and I’m wipeout free (knock on wood). So don’t be scared of them. ;)

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