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24 Day Challenge SALE & TRANSFORMATION Challenge

Posted Dec 29 2012 4:35pm

It is no secret that I am big on setting goals. I set goals for myself all the time….daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, long-term, etc. I’m working on my post for my 2013 GOALS right now, actually.

(These are not mine, but these do seem to be some common “New Year’s Resolutions.”)

Now is a big time for people to evaluate their life and think of areas they want to improve- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, with relationships, etc. to have a better 2013.

It seems like people across America are starting to focus more on their health. I am a little bit of a “health nut” (check out the health & fitness junkie tab) and LOVE seeing people put more emphasis on taking care of themselves. Not only does it help people look and feel better, but taking care of yourself means DISEASE PREVENTION, and I am passionate about that.


If one of your goals is to get healthier and lose weight, I want to HELP you get started…and now is the PERFECT time!

Jonathan & I started with the 24 Day Challenge back in March of 2012.

I have to be honest…we were both pretty skeptical.  We were already eating healthy and working out, and I had just trained for 2 full marathons. BUT, I was not happy with my body composition (I wanted to be leaner/more tone) and wanted the hubs’ blood pressure to get down to normal! (It was high even though we were already eating pretty healthy and working out.) Everyone I knew who had done a challenge had awesome results and LOVED it, but I was skeptical….I figured it wouldn’t work for me. (I mean hello, I was running about 50 miles a week and eating 90% clean.) But I was wrong.

PicMonkey Collage

(The first one was my “before” from the challenge, and the others were after a couple of months on products.)

We became members to get a discount (I hate paying full price for anything! And the membership is absolutely a no-brainer)…and ended up LOVING our results! I had more energy than ever, quit napping, took my workouts to the next level, and it helped with my sweet tooth cravings. Jon lost a couple of inches in his waist, stopped having as many headaches, and his blood pressure DID come down to normal after the challenge! SCORE!!  We both knew we’d be lifelong users because we are both hard core about the importance of SUPPLEMENTS (read more about WHY we need nutritional supplements).

And here is more success stories:

My 24 Day Challenge Results

Jonathan's 24 Day Challenge Results

A Few Friends' Results

FAQs about the Challenge

More Success Stories

We loved our results and the products so much that we started sharing with EVERYONE (all of our friends, fam, & even strangers!) and helping hundreds of others lose weight, have more energy, perform better, etc. We ended up making a business out of it because Advocare pays for referrals….and it was so rewarding to be getting paid to simply share products we LOVE with others….products that were and are changing lives. Fo real. (I know it sounds cheesy, but just ask two of my {real life} friends Dacrie, Kristin, & Haley, who have all lost around 100 lbs with Advocare, if it hasn’t changed their life!)

PicMonkey Collage2

538408_10150976248336764_1146647580_n[1] 481150_10150977821901764_705953374_n[1]

And it all started with a 24 Day Challenge.

I wanted to share why NOW (well, January 1st) is the most INCREDIBLE time to get started!! There are several reasons.


1. The 24 Day Challenge is being majorly DISCOUNTED on January 1st!! The retail price is almost 20% off normal (special, limited time offer- I haven’t ever seen this happen!). AND, if you become a member, you can get an additional 20% – 40% discount!! The average person loses 12 lbs, 10 in, & 4% body fat on the challenge, so this is an AWESOME jump start & so worth every penny!!

2. Advocare is offering their NEW workout DVD….a 72 Day program with 7 different workouts, 24 min each, 3 levels, and NO equipment necessary! No excuses….so this is the perfect way to get in incredible shape….from your living room! People always ask for a workout plan while on the challenge, and this is the missing piece to the puzzle! It’s a serious business workout created by some of the top fitness professionals…including former Miss Olympia (who I met while at the Biltmore ), Mia Finnegan. I loved (well, loved/hated) Insanity, so I am PUMPED about this!!!! Whether you’re a hard core runner, Crossfitter, or have never worked out a day in your life, this can help take your fitness to the next level and transform your body.


3. They are releasing the “24 Day & Beyond” Bundle on Jan 1st! I am SUPER pumped about this and stocking up for post baby! This comes with a TON of my FAVORITE products….enough to help you make it through 72 days. If you do this for 72 days, I guarantee you will see a MAJOR transformation. This is pretty much what I did this summer when I got in THE best shape of my life. I love that it’s going to be on sale on Jan 1st, and if you’re a member, you’ll get a 25% discount off the sale price. If you + 3 friends do it, you can get to the 40% discount level, which is where we are now.


OH, and if you place the order for your “24 and Beyond” Bundle ON January 1st, you’re automatically entered to win a FREE, ALL-INCLUSIVE trip for 2 to Hanalei, Hawaii!! Ummmm, YES PLEASE! (Jon & I are on track to earn this trip too…)

4. Advocare is offering $40,000 to 40 people….20 males & 20 females…who have the biggest transformations!! You can read all the details at .

165019_10200100048214546_1128017648_n Capture2

5. Our team (Team Purpose) is offering $1,000 cash prizes to the top challengers who place their orders on January 1st, and ANYBODY is eligible to enter! This is an additional chance to win some cash, on top of Advocare’s transformation challenge.


So, if you’ve seen my posts about Advocare (I promise, if you try it you’ll see WHY I’m so passionate about sharing with others…) and have debating about trying it, NOW is the time!!!

If you still want to know more, I’m leading a webinar on Sunday night @ 8:30 EST….feel free to tune in to see if this may be something you want to capitalize on January 1st!

What: 24 Day Challenge & Transformation Challenge Webinar

When: Sunday, December 30th @ 8:30 pm EST

Where: Go to & type in “AdvocareJax” for the host code. Dial 712-432-0900, pin 461496# for audio.

Like I said, I’d love to help you get started, so let me know if you have any questions. (Make sure you either e-mail me or include your e-mail address so I know how to get in touch with you.)

How is YOUR 2013 going to be different

and your BEST year yet??

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