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23 Weeks Pregnant & Baby Registries

Posted Jan 09 2014 7:41am

Time just keeps moving right along and I see the third trimester creeping closer. I’ll be 23 weeks tomorrow!

23 week pregnant second pregnancy thumb 23 Weeks Pregnant & Baby Registries

What Fruit are you? A large mango; over 11 inches long and weighing over a pound. She can feel a sense of motion now and is picking up on my mad dance skills to the ABC song. She is also starting to familiarize herself with the world’s loud noises, like Koda’s barks or Hailey’s screaming tantrum at the grocery store.

Due date:  May 9, 2014

How far along:  23 weeks; holy moly!

Gender:  Sweet baby girl!

Total weight gain/loss:  Up 14 lbs. I was up 16 lbs at this point with Hailey, but I feel like my body is starting to try to play catch up. I’m HUNGRY.

Exercise: I’m still really enjoying it! I do best when I can make it to the gym in the morning (we’re talking mid-morning) when my energy is highest.

I’m doing a combo of weights, wogging and the occasional stationary bike. I’m still loving Jess’ prenatal circuits and looking for other sources of prenatal strength to incorporate into my routine. The other day, on a burst of energy, I ran a 5k (on the treadmill) at a 12 minute pace. I was pretty pumped about it, though I felt it in my legs that night.

23 weeks pregnant workout thumb 23 Weeks Pregnant & Baby Registries

I think keeping up with strength training, which I didn’t do with Hailey, is making a big difference. I feel strong, which is good since I’m still doing heavy toddler lifting all day long.

23 weeks pregnant plus a toddler thumb 23 Weeks Pregnant & Baby Registries

Stretch marks: None, but I can feel a growth spurt coming on.

Swelling: None. Sometimes my feet ache from being on them all day and I’ll put on my pro-compression socks . They really help soothe my sore feet!

Maternity clothes: All maternity. I don’t try the other stuff because maternity is so much more comfortable. My awesome mom-in-law came to visit and stocked my closet with Gap maternity workout gear . It feels SO amazing to wear things that fit.

gap maternity body wear thumb 23 Weeks Pregnant & Baby Registries

Belly button: In for now. But the top is starting to poke out. It’s weird. I can’t explain it.

Sleep: Sleep is awesome. I’m out by 10 and don’t move until the alarm goes off at 6:15. Two weeks ago I was napping hard, too, for a hour in the afternoon, but those have fallen by the wayside this week.

Food cravings:  Protein. I actually crave the texture of steak or shredded chicken to chew on. That is probably a gross way to describe it, but it is what it is. Baby girl wants some meat!

Symptoms:  More feelings of stretching and tightness in my abdomen and side. At the doctor, my blood pressure was 100/60 and baby girl’s heart rate was steady in the mid 140’s. My back and feet are tired by the end of the day and I’ve had David start walking on my back already (I sit Indian style, draped over a wall of pillows and he walks his feet up and down- perfect amount of pressure!).

Movement: Yes, movement, but I feel like it’s hit or miss if I notice it. David can feel her kick from the outside, but I feel like Hailey moved more. I’m thinking it’s just because I’m so busy during the day that I don’t get to sit around and focus on her movements.

What I miss:  Do I have a problem if I mention wine again? I don’t miss much, but a glass of pinot noir and some sashimi sound pretty fabulous right about now.

What I’m loving: That overall I’m feeling healthy and energetic!

What I’m looking forward to:  Putting together Hailey’s big girl room now that the furniture is painted.

DSC02982 thumb 23 Weeks Pregnant & Baby Registries

Best moment this week: Hailey asking to just rock with me yesterday. We read a ridiculous number of books, then she bear hugged me and her baby sister in my belly, laid her head on my shoulder and we rocked and sang. Have I mentioned that she can melt me into one giant puddle of mush?

Words of wisdom: Give yourself a break when you need it. In a few months, I won’t have the luxury to kick my feet up on a whim!

For fun: 23 weeks with Hailey

Now let’s talk about… baby registries.

Obviously this is our second baby, and a girl at that, so we have most of what we need. There are a few items I want to get new and we planned to buy those ourselves. However, a few (very few) people have asked where I am registered. Well, I’m not and honestly wasn’t planning on it. Plus, I don’t know the etiquette on it.

What do you think…
Is registering for a second baby a good idea or not?
Would you do it?

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