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22 miles! longest run of the training

Posted Mar 30 2013 3:36pm

This morning/afternoon I ran the longest run for my marathon training – 22 miles!!! Once again, another PDR (personal distance record, Lindsy :P). I mapped out my run last night on google earth and then went and actually did the whole thing today!

It felt a lot better than the 19.5 miles I did last Saturday, but I was still super tired. My hamstrings were shot by mile 18.  They were killing me at the end of my half marathon too. Maybe I need some compression shorts or maybe I just need to do more squats and get those muscles beefier ;)

After running 22 miles I have just two words – BODY GLIDE! I need some! My arms took a beating today. Weird how some long runs I’m fine and have no problems and others are just plain torture. So, I’ll definitely be getting some of that before the marathon.

Only 2 more Saturday training runs until the big day. They are a little more chill than 22 miles (more like 12 and 8 or something). Only 3 weeks until the big day.

Oh, and 22 miles took me 3 hours and 15 minutes (about an 8:50 pace). TIRED.

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