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22 Day Summer Holiday Primer – Your guide to getting beach ready

Posted Sep 19 2013 4:52pm

Do you ever daydream and imagine yourself on the perfect beach holiday?

What does it look like for you?

For me, I’m slim and vibrant. Feeling confident in my bikini I’m walking along the beach and doing a little yoga in the early morning sun. I’m swimming in the surf and napping in the afternoon. I’m eating loads of fresh tropical fruit and lovely crisp salads. My hair is sea salt wavy and my skin is slightly bronzed. I have a glass of wine or two in the evening and sleep like a baby. I am happy, content and relaxed.

In my dreams.

The amazing Liku Liku, Fiji

The amazing Liku Liku, Fiji

But is this how it ever actually works out?

For me a beach holiday (that takes place in reality) often involves anxiety and feeling disappointed in myself. Asking myself yet again why didn’t I make more of an effort to lose a couple of kilos so I felt comfortable in my bikini? Why didn’t I organize myself better so the stresses of everyday life could be left behind? Why can’t I relax and really enjoy this place I’m in? Why am I feeling so sluggish and tired? Why can’t I just be present each day and stop dreading going home?

Far from relaxing, it’s exhausting.

I’m about to head up to the Sunshine Coast to take my first holiday in 12 months. In 22 days time I’ll be getting on a plane and taking off. So each day in the lead up I’m going to do a little something in an effort to make my holiday great. To address those things I’ve done so many times before that make me feel crappy. I’m going to make sure I’m feeling the best I possibly can by the time I hit the beach, both physically and mentally.

Each day for the next 22 I’ll be writing about each of my efforts and offering some advice on how you can do the same in the lead up to your next beach holiday. If you have any questions or something specific you’d like me to focus on please leave me a message in the comments.


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