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#21. Some people have real problems..

Posted May 25 2010 5:46pm

Sia. A jazzy soul singer from Australia, former front woman of Zero 7, had singles appear in TV series, put out her own albums. I noticed her when ‘Some People Have Real Problems’ album…. and as faux-pas as it may seem… I saw her album at Starbucks and loved the cover so much, I thought it MUST have great songs on it!

And the truth is… it DID! I was a big fan of Zero 7…totally helped me space out when neccessary. Sia’s voice is just amazingly beautiful. And she’s so weird….and I LOVE it (I love weird people….)

 I seen her at Paradise about 3yrs ago?

Then I finally saw her touring back in Boston, at the House of Blues. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but spending money on tickets is like pulling teeth. Even though I LOVE certain bands, just drop’n $50+ on a ticket for a few hours doesn’t make sense in my accounting brain.

But I did it :) And I am SOOOOO glad I did.

Sure, the ticket SAYS $22.50… but after ticketmaster robs you at hypothetical gun point and makes you sing mary had a little lamb till you cry….do they THEN charge you convenience charge, taxes, a breathing fee, knowing how to read fee, a na-na-na-na-boo-boo charge… does it come out to almost $50.

I even had to make a choice between Jonsi touring alone sans Sigur Ros….or SIA.

 Since they were only a couple days a part, I couldn’t DARE buy two tickets in the same week!! I’d have a heart attack! What about my saving account? What about my credit to debt ratio? What about my 401K and my pension plan?

How will I EVER make up that $100 I spent when I was 26yrs old that one week when I had no kids and no mortgage and no car payments??

 (oh god where’s my brown paper bag… I can’t breathe. I can’t BREEEEATHE)

(sigh) Phew. I’m young, these are the times to start being responsible because I CAN and not because I have to. Big difference. I’m going to try to attend a couple more mainstream concerts this year, without having to consult my financial advisor.

Enjoy this SIA video :)

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