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#21 Shell out the dough to see a favorite band

Posted Jan 08 2010 12:00am

As much as I love going to concerts, I just can’t seem to justify spending $100+ for tickets! The most I EVER spent on tickets was to see Etta James on my 21st birthday, I believe it came to around $180 for 2 tickets. I had been feeling ‘buyers remorse’ . I sweat for a few days, but tried to convince myself, this was in a once in a life time opportunity. Sadly, it wasn’t even a once in a lifetime…Etta James had cancelled her tour and we were all refunded our money. Relieved I had my money back, but still disappointed for psyching myself up to such a great event and tainted it with stress and worry about ‘what if I need that $180 for an emergency? What if my cat has to go to the vet? What if I got secret bill in the mail? What if they took my dog hostage and the ransom money was $180!?’  Clearly, something I need to work out on my own.  Its not like I don’t have savings, or my bills aren’t paid, or I’m financially irresponsible .  I have difficulties spending a lot of cash on intangible objects, but my friends, the catch… THOSE are the things that bring me most joy, the memories, the great stories to tell! What’s worse, I’d drop $150 on a sweater from Anthropologie in a heartbeat, and I have! STUFF… just more STUFF. I can’t take it with me, (all though that ruffle cardigan is totally cute), my STUFF isn’t going to get me out of a funk when I try to recall happy times, just a closet full, a room full, a HOUSE full of stuuuuuuuff.  I have gone to lots and lots of shows, tickets always under $80 or so for 2. Or, I’ve gotten them as gifts (my favorite gifts ever).

Towards the middle of 2009, I just stopped buying things. I spent my money on essentials. I wasn’t a complete frugal fannie, but I DID happen to go to more shows, $10 tickets at the middle east, free gallery opening at Space 242, knowing the right people to get me in places, free nights at the ICA and MFA, seeing friends bands play. Going OUT, doing things with people, enjoying the company I am with. THAT’S what I want more of in 2010.  Now I’m in love with clothes. Just gosh-darn love clothes. I stopped awhile ago buying ‘disposable’ pieces. You know, the kind you’re just gonna wear 2 or 3 times, then a hole comes up,  you decided to wash it with jeans, it fades even before you get to hang it up in your closet. So my disposable income literally became, disposable.  Now, I buy quality (thank you Stacey and Clinton).  Ann Taylor, Anne Klein suits, Steve Madden boots, Anthro blouses, etc.. NOW, I just shop, less. I pick up a fine piece every few months, rather than every pay day.  And don’t let hunting for style mean you’re only shopping on the top floors of the mall (cause everyone knows all the expensive stores are up there). TJ Maxx, Marshalls, clearance racks, I have found some AMAZING name brand high quality pieces.

I’m getting off topic, bands. I will curb my love of tangible textiles for intangible memories.  First up, MUSE. One of my all time favorite bands. Tickets are not sold out yet, and even Floor seats are still available!  But, after ticketmaster screws you 6 ways to Sunday, tickets are $130 for 2.  They rarely come to Boston, I’d be a fool not to go. So….will I take the plunge and see a favorite band? Or will I hit the Victoria’s Secret Semi- Annual Sale like I ran outta undies a year ago? Stay tuned….

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