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21 mILES

Posted Feb 05 2011 10:46pm

Don’t let the title fool you! I absolutely DID NOT run 21 miles today. That is my total for THE WEEK.

I had planned a half marathon run today (13.2 miles) but unfortunately that did not happen.

The weather sucked (ice, snow, wind, cold) and I really was not in the mood for running 2 hours in that kind of weather. So, I opted for waiting until after my shift at work (at the gym) this evening. Bad idea!

Lets just say 1) I’m not a long distance treadmill runner & 2) I run much better in the mornings.

I ended up only going for a 10.5 mile run instead of 13 [due to chafing, a sore soleus muscle, stomach pain, etc]. I’ll take it. Didn’t make me happy, but I’ll take it.


When I got home, the house smelled of delicious BBQ chicken! I got the idea for tonight’s dinner from MuncherCruncher – it is Crock Pot BBQ Chicken Sandwiches .


She posted a bunch of Super Bowl snack recipes, and this one totally caught my eye. I love crock pot meals (although I hardly ever make them). It’s just nice to throw everything in and not worry about anything else until it’s time to eat!


And I LOVE LoVe love BBQ pulled pork...I love it so much, that is what we served at our wedding reception!

IMG_2569 But, BBQ pulled chicken is just as delicious! Totally recommend this dinner!!


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