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21 Funk St.

Posted Mar 13 2013 10:00am

A few months ago, I was riding my bike every day, working out at TKD for 2-3 hours per night 2-3 times a week and basically eating whatever I wanted.

Now, it’s been a couple weeks with the boot, no TKD, no cardio and sporadic weight lifting & core exercises. Oh, and I also have been eating like crap. Needless to say, pants are tight. It’s just sheer laziness. I’m tired all the time, I hate trekking to the super market in this boot let alone after a long day of work and school. When I’m not studying I’m sleeping and aint no one got time for healthy stuff. I just love burritos. Ok? I just love them.

My routine has been: Breakfast is usually nothing or greek yogurt. Lunch is usually a burrito or shrimp tacos. Dinner is usually pasta. These aren’t totally awful, but when mixed with bare minimum exercise and very stressful lifestyle mixed with a lot of coffee, beer and martini’s, it tends to show up faster on your waistline than when you were 21.

So I just gotta get my ass in gear, and that is what I did. I took my wobbly ass to the super market in the pouring rain with my little grama cart and stocked up on fruits and veggie. I’m a smart girl, I’ve been doing this ‘healthy’ thing for awhile now. I know what I gotta do. It’s just about getting into a routine. Why do I feel like it’s so much harder to get into a routine as I get older?

One, probably because as we get older, we’ve had to adjust our schedules so many times to see what feels right. Once we get into it something that feels good (whether or not its good for us) it’s hard to change.

Two, there are more important things in our lives that are not as flexible time wise as they were in our early 20′s. Such as, a job, grad school or caring for a living thing (baby, pet or other).

Three, we still think we can get away with the things we did when we were younger. Like weekend benders. I remember partying the night away until the wee hours of the morning and head straight into work with a big cup of coffee like I got a full nights rest. Now, a few cocktails on an empty stomach will leave me in bed for the entire weekend.

Four, I’m stubborn as shit.

So once I put my big girl pants on and took the extra steps I needed, I already feel a lot better. I’ve been in quite a funk lately. For a couple months. Could be the winter blues, could be stress, could be lots of things. But most days I would prefer to go straight home and crawl under my blankies and sleep until morning. Which is kind of what I’ve been doing. I’m not one to be a hermit, I am a social butterfly! I need social interactions otherwise I might die. But I’ve been a hermit… so clearly, I’m dying.

And now, this is my official attempt to jump out of this funk.

#1. Call Mommy. She makes everything better. (Done!)

#2. Eat breakfast. I decided to go with making protein shakes again . Baby spinach, almond milk, orange juice, flax seed, raw organic cocoa powder. I don’t get hungry until the afternoon and I know I have to eat before that. This means waking up even earlier.

#3. Keep my room/house clean. For some reason, if my bedroom is messy, I can’t relax.

#4. Stop listening to depressing music. Which is really hard for me, because I love Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash.

#5. Less pasta, more veggies.

#6. Plenty of sleep.

#7. Exercise. Just do something while I’m in this boot.

So today’s meal overhaul:



Breakfast: Green Monster shake
Snack: Broccoli and red peppers
Lunch: Lean cuisine
Snack: Strawberries and cheese stick
Dinner: Chik’n sandwich and roasted chic peas.


Here goes nuth’n!

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