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2013 Was A Good Year

Posted Jan 06 2014 7:47am

I feel like I’ve been waiting for 2014 to come for what feels like forever now.  I also feel like I wrote off 2013 before it even began.  It’s not that anything bad happened in 2013, I just wanted to get it over with.  For one I hate the number 13- It’s unlucky and I’m superstitious and secondly- I’ve just been waiting for 2014 to come because this is they year I get married!!

But, I decided to actually sit and look back on this year, I realized something.  It was a Good Year.  Despite the fact that I call it boring and uneventful, that is actually far from the truth and here is why…

I kicked off the year by running in a 200 mile relay race from Miami to Key West with one of my best friends

IMG_2037 IMG_1696 IMG_2018

Which only made our friendship THAT much more amazing….

IMG_1639 Key West Sunset2

I ran… a lot… and completed my NYRR 9+1 program, giving me guaranteed entry into the 2014 NYC Marathon

IMG_1815 IMG_0003

My friend Jill and I at the start of the Brooklyn Half Marathong

My friend Jill and I at the start


Race #9 Completed!


I surprised myself by improving my half marathon time in my favorite race to date…IMG_1810

And then I had my worst half marathon time ever, but I ran it in Nashville, TN in the POURING RAIN and surprisingly had a lot of fun doing it!

CMM Race CMM Race Pic

I went snowboarding…


Snow Bunny!

Snow Bunny!

And tried new things…


I took Jenna to see Cirque du Soleil for her birthday

JC2 Cirque Sign

I helped to shower Ashley…


And later welcomed this guy into the world, who quickly became my new BFF


I took some engagement photos with Jimmy…

Saratoga-Engagement-Photos-11 Saratoga-Engagement-Photos-12-900x600 JP5_5247

My best friend FINALLY came home from the Peace Corps in Tanzania and she came to visit me for a weekend and was with me when I picked my wedding gown!


I somehow got on a bike and did a 40 mile bike tour with Jimmy through the five boros of NYC


I took some amazingly fun trips with jimmy to visit friends and family…

Touring around Nashville

Touring around Nashville

IMG_0044 IMG_0317 IMG_2549 IMG_0625

I went to Puerto Rico for Monica’s bachelorette party…IMG_2855

I had an amazing romantic birthday weekend in the Hamptons with JimmyIMG_2916

I watched many of my good friends get married… and got to be reunited with great friends at their weddings..

IMG_3463 IMG_0674 photobooth2jpg

Jenna and I went to the Ballet for the first time ever and we saw The NutcrackerIMG_3586

And then, for the first time in our entire relationship, I rang in the new year with Jimmy…IMG_3664

So… to sum it up… 2013 was a Good Year. :)

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