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2013 Goals

Posted Dec 28 2012 10:51am
Sister here,

After a great holiday season and with 2012 quickly coming to an end, now is the perfect time to reflect on the 'lessons learned' from 2012 and begin contemplating new goals for 2013. After brainstorming, Lee and I have created four categories of goals: (1) Fitness, (2) Mental Health, (3) Education, and (4) Miscellaneous. Further, we have each come up with a related goal for each category! We will both be keeping each other accountable and together, have another amazing year!

Favorite Memory of 2012
Lee: I loved spending some time in with all my favorite people in Mexico. Not often do all of us get to be together!

Sister: I absolutely loved celebrating Clay's graduation/our family's moving party!

Lesson Learned
Lee: I can't sit back and wait for life - It's up to me to go get what I want.

Sister: Life is about sharing with others. Colorado is absolutely beautiful (and I am certainly not missing the coldest days in Minnesota), but I am so missing the wonderful people that are bundled up together in the frozen tundra!

(1) Fitness
Lee: I would love to become a Certified Personal Training (CPT). After beginning to teach sculpt class this year, I truly love the hands-on, personal interaction and connections that training & teaching has created for me.

Sister: After knocking out a long race in 2012 (Chicago Marathon), I would love to run a sub-25 minute 5K!

(2) Mental Health
Lee: I want to add spontaneity into my life! I am really beginning to understand that its often the unexpected moments in life that are the highlight of my day. I hope that I can loosen up and leave the often rigorously structured aspect of my day and take a more "go with the flow" attitude - from my workouts to last minute social events to finding adventure in each and every day.

Sister: This year, I really want to focus on "clean living." I want to free myself from clutter and unnecessary consumerism. Obviously, I love buying myself a new pair of pants or a pretty dress, but some of my most memorable moments of this year had absolutely nothing to do with material goods. I loved camping in Moab with Sisterboy (and the $6/night sites), organizing long training runs with girlfriends, and visiting with friends and family.

(3) Education
Lee: In 2013, I hope to really increase my writing skills. Blogging has been such an incredible avenue for me and spending time practicing my communication and writing techniques is something that is often difficult for me. I want to write more and really enjoy writing new posts.

Sister: As I enter my final year of law school, I would love to continue reading novels for fun. There is immense value in literature that is often forgotten and its a great way to learn about all sorts of different things. After a long day of reading, its hard to come home and open a book - but I never regret doing it! I would like to read (at least) 15 novels in 2013.

(4) Miscellaneous
Lee: I am looking forward to seeking new free lance (recipe) opportunities! My fantasy is creating recipes for Martha Stewart. I would love for my recipes to reach the homes and stomachs of more people!

Sister: I am looking forward to (possibly/HOPEFULLY) moving back to the Twin Cities and setting my roots down here. This will allow me to travel & explore new places, rather than rushing home to be with my friends and family every spare second I can muster. If I move home, I hope to be the best sister and friend (and at the same time, successful law student) and really express my appreciation to my incredible community of friends and family.

I wish everyone an incredible New Years!
What is your biggest "lesson learned" from this year? And what is your goal(s) for 2013? 

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