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2013 Goals and Ryvita Review

Posted Jan 03 2013 11:20am
Hi readers I am hoping your start to 2013 is going well?
Mine has been great but its now time to buckle down and get my goals in place! Yes its the 3rd of January but my holiday carried on till yesterday so today I am setting my goals for the coming year and they will start from tomorrow. I am setting goals for my year, things to work towards that can be ticked off my list as I go through 2013. I plan to come back to this post and share with you what I have managed to achieve every 3 months or so to keep you updated : )

2013 Food Goals:1. Eat more veggie/vegan dishes (like the above chickpea salad and vegan pesto brown rice)1 because its cheaper and 2 because I want more veg in my life!2. Create more healthy recipes such as health bars to save money. 3. Cut down on sugar/use only natural sugars honey/maple syrup and a little stevia.4. Keep eating wheat free. Since being diagnosed with a wheat allergy and cutting it out I feel so much better : )
Fitness Goals 2013:1. Complete Insanity 60 Day challenge! I started last year but with work holidays and the festive season it didn't go as planned so this Monday I restart the 60 day challenge!2. Get down a dress size by March. (we are going bridesmaid dressing in March for my little sisters wedding in September!)3. Get to the gym 2/3 times a week go for 2/3 short runs a week4. Do a 3 minute plank
Life/Work Goals 2013:1. Move into a new flat with Dale! Yes me and the boy are saving up to get our own home, so excited!2. Save money for new home/new courses for my fitness career3. Do 2 fitness courses (at least!)4. Get back to regular blog posts and put more time into Salad and Sequins.5. Get more personal training clients!
So there we have it, down in print for all to see! I think these are achievable goals and I am excited about this year ahead. I am especially excited about finding a new home to share with Dale and my little sisters wedding in September : )
Before I go I have a review to share with you. I was very kindly sent some Ryvita to try:

In my ryvita parcel there was 4 types of crispbreads all wheat free and delicious! I love ryvita pretty much any which way so I was excited to get these on the plate............

Hint of chilli ryvita topped with boiled eggs is just fab, perfect breakfast for sure!

The  Original is just plain rye crispbreads. I like these best with a little butter and dipped in vegetable soup, the soup has got to be thick too : )

The  Mediterranean Herb crispbread is really tasty, especially topped with tahini! These were a winner with Dale too as soon as these were finished he had put them on the shopping list so we could buy some more!

Hint of Chilli  were definitely best topped with boiled eggs, the chilli really warms your mouth not too hot. I don't really like hot food but these went down easy!

Lastly my favorite crispbread of the lot Pumpkin Seeds and Oats . These I loved for soup dipping too or topped with tuna was good as well. 
For someone that can't eat bread I love the Ryvita option. I think my boyfriend has been converted as well, I am sure these will be a shopping list regular from now on!
Have you tried Ryvita, whats ya favorite flavor?!
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