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2012 goal round up

Posted Dec 28 2012 10:08pm
I feel kind of dirty coming back here to post after not posting in two months and eating half a pizza. Oops! It's the holiday season, after all -- all bets are off for daily schedules and everything they encompass, be it blogging, exercising, or eating.

Instead of wallowing in the inactivity that my holidays have been, I thought I'd take a look back over the past year (!) and see what I've accomplished.

2012 Goal Round Up!

1. Run at least two races longer than 5k: done! I ran the St. Patty's Day 8K , the Marine Corps 10K , and two 5Ks- The Color Run and the Multiple Myeloma Race for Research. I recently found out our team's bid to compete in the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler was successful -- eek!

2. Practice yoga at least once a week: I didn't practice in a studio every week, but barring my time abroad, I practiced often. I even got my bakasana/crow pose to a workable spot where I don't just face plant! 

Yoga has become a huge part of my life and I look forward to my practice as it continues to evolve.  
3. Buy more produce directly from farmers: during the fall, Mike and I joined a CSA after being inspired by an amazing salad his vegan aunt made entirely out of their CSA box over the summer. While it was a valiant effort, our CSA experience was mostly just overwhelming. We got the smallest share possible and do eat a lot more produce than the average American, and yet we still had a tough time finishing everything before it went bad. Also, there were some things we got that we (a) had no idea how to cook and didn't have the time to figure out how or (b) spent time preparing in different ways and strongly disliked (cough, collard greens, cough!). In 2013 we might try becoming members of a green grocer, but I don't think CSAs are for us, sadly.
Mother of all collard greens!

4. Plan meals:  Mike and I have done really well on this front. We've developed a great system, wherein we make a big soup or casserole or chili on Sunday night that will last us through Wednesday and serve as a lunch at work. Then we'll plan out 2-3 complicated meals and one easy meal for the rest of the week, depending on what we have going on. It has worked out so well, we even look forward to grocery shopping! We are strange.
5. Try quinoa: I got a little obsessed with quinoa for a while... so obsessed, in fact, that I had to back off a bit. I'm looking forward to trying some new recipes with it and using it a bit more sparingly than I was in the late summer/early fall.

6. Take active rest days: Excluding the past few days that I've been at home in New Jersey, I think most of my rest days are active. Since I take public transportation everywhere, I do a lot of walking. The only time I feel lethargic is when I do a whole lot of nothing... like today, for instance!
7. Take a break from carbs once a week: Instead of taking a day off from carbs, I manage when I eat my carbs more attentively. This is the main idea of the Tone It Up plan- knowing when to indulge in things like pasta, ice cream, etc., has helped me sculpt my body in ways I couldn't before and feel better about myself overall. 
8. Track my finances in Mint: Since moving in with Mike, I haven't been doing this perhaps as much as I should. I got so busy in the fall that I barely had time to keep up with things that were required of me, let alone keep up with Mint. I will get back into the habit in 2013.
9. Try biking to campus or work: I tried. I was too scared. Something that stresses me out that much is not worth the exercise or carbon trade-off. At least I'm not driving there!
10. Try at least one new recipe per month: We definitely do this! If anything, we try new recipes too often and don't repeat old favorites enough. Perhaps this is a good goal for 2013.
Overall, I am very pleased with the many things I have accomplished in 2012. I feel like I took control of my diet and exercise in a way that I never had before, and this can only lead to great things for 2013. Stay tuned for my 2013 goals!
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