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2012 by the numbers...

Posted Dec 31 2012 1:12pm
Wow, here I sit on December 31, 2012, the last day of the year.  In some ways 2012 is a year that I am thankful to see end but in other ways it will go down as one of my most memorable.  2012 was definitely "the year of running" for me and it was awesome.  I'm planning to post a conclusion to my "Dream Year of Racing" but I thought for today, it would be fun to take a look at 2012 by the numbers...

Total km run: 1527 km (954 mi)
Highest mileage month: November 188 km (would have been December if not for being sick!)
Lowest mileage month: June 65 km

Number of runs: 180
Number of runs on treadmill: 73 (41%)

Longest run: 35.4 km
Shortest run: 1.6 km

Total number of races: 16
  -  Half marathons: 9
  -  10k: 2
  -  5k: 1
  -  Other distances: 4

Personal Records
  -  Half Marathon: 2:09:57
  -  10k: 59:03
  -  5k: 30:43

Destination races  -  Birch Bay, WA
  -  Kamloops, BC
  -  Seattle, WA
  -  Las Vegas, NV

Number of times run in costume: 3 (Elvis, rainbow tutu and St Patricks Day)

Number of injuries: 2 (hip flexor and banging-head-on-pole)

New running gear purchased  -  Shorts: 5
  -  Pants/tights/capris: 2
  -  Running skirts: 3
  -  Tank tops: 4
  -  Jackets: 3
  -  Sports bras: 3
  -  Socks: 3
  -  Shoes: 2 plus 2 pair won for free

Other new gear this year: water belt, new Garmin 410, new iPod Shuffle

Toenails lost: None!  (well none due to running, I lost one because I jammed it in a car door)
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