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2011 and the Salary Reduction

Posted Jan 03 2011 7:37pm

2011 is expected to be a tough year for us. Taxes are going up, salaries are going down, some of the incentives we had from government were removed and we end up having our income reduced drastically. People are afraid of having babies due to the severe measure that were taken by the government and those who have children opt to have only one.

We have reduced salaries and bad health conditions. We pay for public medical services but we end up having to look for private medical services which are fully paid by us.

Most medical and healthcare jobs are filled with people that prefer to work for the private medical system once they are able to earn more money than if they worked for the public one.

2011 is the year of extreme governmental measures to put us down, to reduce salaries, to make us become more sick and with less money for treatments, more unemployment, worse living conditions. I am not really seeing a good scenario for 2011

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