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2009 The Year of Less

Posted Jan 07 2009 7:02pm


Sunset Magazin e is claiming that 2009 is the year of the vegetable. I very much agree with this but I also think 2009 is the year of less. This means taking control of the time, energy and money suckers instead of them controlling us. Our lives would become richer and less complicated. We can do more of what we love! Imagine that! We could have more time for the "essentials" in life. Sounds good to me!  Of course, the tricky part is determining what are the essentials in our life? No worries, we now have an inspirational guide to help us with this.

Leo with Zenhabits recently launched his book "The Power of Less" and it is quickly shooting to the top of Amazon's list. Leo says that simplicity and less don't have to mean sacrifice at all. In fact, "Less" can actually transform your life if you do it right! The Power of Less is my next book right after I finish The Bodacious Book of Succulence by Sark, my new favorite. 

Here is the short version of Leo's Amazon post "10 ways less can change your life this year":

1. Reduce stress to a minimum.
2. Reduce your work day or week
3. Give you more time for the things you love.
4. Allow you to eliminate debt and strengthen your finances
5. Get you in the best shape of your life.
6. Make time for your loved ones.
7. Let you accomplish more than ever before.
8. Give you control of your email.
9. Create new habits that will last a lifetime.
10. Make your dreams come true.

Read about how to do these things and more using the 6 key principles of The Power of Less.

May we all have more time to do what we love!

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