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20 Minute Meal: Salmon Milano with Basil Pesto Butter

Posted Jan 31 2011 12:00am
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by angelicamg

I was looking for a quick dinner last night, so I knew that the prepped salmon fillets that my Mom bought at Costco the other day would do the trick. (Gotta love Costco! Just ask my Mom ;) )

Literally all I did was put the salmon in this dish, and placed it in the oven at 350  for 20 minutes! Pretty easy, non?

While the salmon was baking, I stir-fried some frozen veggies with olive oil and garlic.

The finished product! I think I slightly over cooked the veggies (I got distracted!). Oops! :/ They still tasted good though, I swear!

And for dessert: a left-over ice cream cake pop :)

And there you have it: a tasty, healthy, and quick dinner in just 20 minutes!

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