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Posted Apr 11 2010 12:00am
***REMINDER - Don't forget to report your points tonight by 10!

Okay, yesterday was so cool! I subscribe to this blog called I Heart Mesa and I read on there that at MCC yesterday there was going to be a Shape Up AZ event that included a 1 hour fitness walk followed by a 1/2 hour bootcamp put on by Filipe & Sione from The Biggest Loser!! I'm a huge fan of the show, and so I called my sister up and made sure she was coming with me because I really wanted to go!

So we showed up and guess who we saw in the parking lot? Filipe & Sione! Not being shy one bit, I skipped right up to them and asked them for a picture. Then they talked to us a little bit and we started our workout a few minutes later. It was so cool!

In our bootcamp, we did what they called "20-10's." We would go all out on an exercise for 20 seconds and then rest for 10. It was really tough. We did things like jump squats, lunges, mountain climbers (during which Filipe came up to me, smiling, and said, "Uh, you were just stepping back, I'm gonna need you to jump." haha! So you better believe I picked up my pace after that!), and push-ups. I'm quite sore this morning, so I know it was a good workout. :)

Give those 20-10's a try, I'm sure it would be great even with sprints! Let us know how you feel!
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