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2 workouts, 2 cookies, 2 cars

Posted Dec 18 2012 12:00am

Big news around here my friends.


My camera is back!!  I was worried it wasn’t going to be back in time for the holidays but it made it.  Expensive lesson learned: do not tote it around in a cinch sack with minimal padding when gallivanting around San Francisco.  Just use the camera bag , even if it’s gigantic (it’s cute after all).

Other big news?  I worked out twice today.  That’s 2-wice! I got in an hour of pilates at lunch time and went to Zumba after work.  It’s been so hard to get over to the gym at lunch but my body truly misses Pilates.  That’s my primary form of toning and the lack of it in the past two months is getting obvious.  I feel like I have jello legs, arms and abs.  Yuk.  I’m making it a commitment.  No matter how crazy things are, I’d much rather stay late than miss out on my reformer time.

Oh wait, and how can she stay late?  I thought she and Chris only had one car?  Well, up until yesterday that was the case.  But not anymore.

new car _ xmas tree

We are officially back to a two car family.  We’ve shared a car for almost the past 3 years but it just got too hard.  With my job and busy schedules, trying to coordinate who needed to be where at what time became insane.  And now Chris has a super sexy new car that I’ll occasionally get to drive.  PS I would by lying if I didn’t think about Christian Grey when I think about Audis.

And last but not least, cookies.  I’ve had two tonight which is a huge step in the right direction considering I had maybe 9? yesterday.  Cookie Monster.  I used this recipe.  My favorite sugar cookie recipe ever. For the frosting I just mixed butter, powdered sugar and milk until I got the consistency I wanted.


And with that, I’m out.  Off to stress out about how I have bought zero Christmas presents…

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