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2 Words: Carrot Cake-What’s Jennifer Eating Tuesday

Posted Mar 17 2010 9:47am

I have found a loving and comforting friend in carrot cake. While I must admit, the word carrot and cake going together previously made me gag, I now am a true believer. Today is yet another round of recapping my Tuesday Eats. I think I rather enjoy taking pictures of food. I definitely wanted to get the best angle of this cupcake to post on here. So go ahead, breathe it in. :)

Why did I decide to make carrot cake? Last night was another dinner get-together for some members of our church. I was asked to make a dessert, so naturally I was thrilled. Any excuse to bake makes me happy. I have brought countless desserts to many different church meals and events, and I try to bring something different every time unless their is a crowd favorite. The idea of carrot cake came along when during my Spring Break, my sister-in-law on my husband’s side came to visit and brought these same cupcakes. They were a huge hit! I asked her for the recipe, and no surprise, it was from Paula Deen the baking Queen herself. I found the recipe on her website and got the ingredients to make them. At first, I was a little nervous because the recipe called for grated carrots. I myself do not have a hand grater, so I used a potato peeler instead and got 3 cups of thinly shredded carrots. Mixing them in with the batter, I was afraid that once baked, a person would bite into the cake and a long strand of carrot with come out. But to my relief, the carrots practically dissolved into the cake while baking. Once cooled off, I made homemade cream cheese frosting and did a little swirl on top of each cupcake. I lastly topped them off with a pinch of cinnamon. Where they good? Let’s just say my husband ate 2 of them before I even took them over for the dinner! You must give these a try when your wanting a little sweet treat.

Go to

and guess what? Ironically, as of today, Paula posted a lighter recipe for carrot cake. If only that were up yesterday I would have chosen to make that one instead.

Moving on to other eats, yesterday was a busy day because it was my first day back to college after being gone for 2 weeks. Needless to say I was in for a bit of a shock because I had adjusted myself to sleeping in later instead of getting up before 6:00 a.m. After classes, I had many errands to run as well, including picking up the ingredients for my cake.

For Breakfast I had my beloved sugar free maple oatmeal. But this time I added in a tablespoon of Peanut Butter & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams. This was my first time trying it out and it was sooo good. I wasn’t sure how much I would like it at first, so instead of buying the whole container, my grocery store had these snack packets to buy instead. What a great idea!

Here it is with my oatmeal. I stirred it all together after this. I also had a glass of 1% milk as well.

I did not do too good yesterday as far as eating as I should, because in all of the rush I kind of skipped lunch. Which is something I do not recommend doing, and I do not do it on a regular basis, that is for sure. I came home from school and all the errands I had to run at about 2:30 p.m. and was not feeling too well. So I ate a quick snack and tried to take an hour long nap. My snack was something I thoroughly enjoyed. For the first time, if you can believe it you healthy food bloggers, I tried Greek yogurt. I know, I know, I am like 5 years behind all of you, but yesterday was my first time. You would think out of all of that regular yogurt that I eat in a month that I would think to throw some Greek yogurt into the mix. I must say that I am officially hooked. I love this yogurt because it is so thick and creamy! I will be buying this from now on. I also had a banana to go with it.

As far as dinner goes, I did not take any pictures because of having a meal at another person’s home. I instead enjoyed the fellowship and company of some of my favorite Christian friends. In all, I can admit that today was not one of my healthiest days. For dinner I had a piece of roast beef, hashbrown casserole, cream corn, and a crescent roll. And to come clean, I had some peanut butter pie, a bite of pound cake, and had half of a carrot cake cupcake. What can I say? I love dessert! I know that many of you can vouch for me and say that you’ve had unhealthy days too, and personally I think enjoying your favorite treat every now and then is good for the soul. But my day of eats being unhealthy is not just about eating all of the sweets either, me skipping lunch is just as unhealthy and I advise no one to do that. Next time when I am in a rush, I will think to put in at least a protein bar in my purse to have some sort of fueling. Because our bodies need it!

Before I sign off on yet another recap of Tuesday Eats, I’ll leave you with a funny picture from our camping trip. In the R.V. we had 4 adults and 3, yes 3 English Bulldogs. One morning we put them outside but they kept wanting to wander off and explore. So while trying to get ready to leave, we decided to hook all 3 of them up for a few minutes to one chain because one is all we had. Don’t they just look like they all love each other so much?

Bella is in the front, then Molly and Maggie.

Do you like carrot cake?

What is your favorite cake to eat?

Have you ever skipped a meal while in a rush?

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