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2 Great Fat Burning Tips For Quick Weight Loss

Posted Feb 20 2009 5:46pm

The weight loss industry is full of fads which promise to dramatically melt all your weight away! There are fad diets which can help you lose weight within a couple of months, diet pills you simply need to take daily in order to get slimmer, etc. In fact, there is no dearth of “magic fat loss products”, though you will rarely hear about a product which amazingly boosts your metabolism!

I’m not sure why everybody is not concentrating on finding ways of increasing their metabolic rate, since it is the main key to weight loss success. In this article you will discover how our metabolic rate influences our body weight and how you could use this method to lose of fat permanently!

Do you want fast weight loss? How fast you will be able to lose weight depends solely on your metabolic rate. If you have a high metabolism, fast weight loss will be possible for you. On the other hand, with a slow metabolic rate you aren’t likely to be successful in your weight loss goal. Now perhaps you are wondering how to improve your metabolic rate.

While humans have natural metabolism which keeps us fit and healthy, it is often not sufficient to help you with fast fat loss. If you want to burn fat fast, you need to increase your metabolic rate to abnormal levels! There are diet pills which promise to enhance your metabolism in no time; however they come with several harmful side effects, not to mention that the metabolism boost you achieve using them is short-lived. Diet pills are, therefore, not a long-term solution for fitness & weight loss.

In my opinion the best way of upping your metabolism naturally is by increasing your lean muscle mass. The more muscles you have, the higher your metabolic rate would be and the faster you should lose weight. Luckily muscle building doesn’t cost an arm and a leg; you can do it with the help of burn fat exercises!

Undertaking intense on a regular basis would help you achieve fast weight loss. These intense exercises may seem to be strenuous at first glance, but unlike cardios, you only need to do them for 15-20 minutes daily. By spending as little as twenty minutes per day, you should be able to burn weight quickly as well as build solid lean muscles at the same time. These muscles would help you burn fat even when you are not working out! Now we will consider what are the best intense exercises to achieve this?

Inevitably, weight lifting is worth considering when thinking of intense exercises. People wrongly believe that they should do several low intensity repetitions using light weights in order to achieve the optimum result from weight lifting. In fact, the higher and shorter your reps are, and the heavier your weights, the faster you should burn fat and lose weight. It’s recommended that you do no more than ten to fifteen reps, but you need to make sure that the weights you use are heavier than five or six pounds!

Since you would be doing strenuous workouts, it is important that you replenish your body by increasing your water intake. If your body remains hydrated , you would find exercising much less strenuous, as water will help your body recover quickly from the strain of these exercises! It’s also important to consider fat burning food as well as proper hydration.

Additionally, water is a good metabolism booster as well as an excellent detoxifier that cleans toxins from our body. The minimum recommended water intake for a normal adult is about 8-10 glasses a day.

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