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18 Miles To DisneyLand

Posted Aug 30 2013 12:00am
Greetings from Anaheim!  I'm nestled into my room in DisneyLand for the 8th DisneyLand Half Marathon .
Not the actual view from my room.
No joke, my mom and I just spent 25+ minutes debating what to eat for dinner and we are still in the room.  It's so hard to find a grilled chicken breast around here! <edited to add we had roasted chicken and veggies from Naples at Downtown Disney>

I know...I'm picky!  We arrived around 1pm on Thursday and after unpacking, I decided that a little movement would perk me up.  We headed to the gym and I knocked out 2.3 miles on the treadmill and another 12 minutes of intervals on the elliptical.  Best part?  I could watch college football while doing so.  Who else is jazzed about the return of football season? Ours hands are raised.
Today's brief jog might not be impressive, but last week I ran 18 miles and I didn't tell you about it.  I KNOW!  I did a long run and I haven't yet shared it with the world.  Tsk, tsk.

Last Saturday I had 18 miles on my training agenda and I was nervous.  After my tough 12 miles the week before, I knew I needed to be focused and ready to tackle close to 3 hours of running.  My goal for the run was to be happy the entire time.  I didn't want to get to that dark, painful place of doubt.  I try to enjoy the last miles of a long run.  My philosophy is that, I worked really hard to make it that far and those final miles deserve the praise.

This 18 mile run was GREAT!  I was positive and able to be conversational the entire time.  Luckily I had great company, blogger Victoria from Running Peanut moved to my running group and it's so easy to talk with her.  We are both training for the same race and have pretty similar paces.  I loved running with her.
Raise the roof for 18!
We joked throughout the run about all the notable events that should make the blog.  Here's what made the list - Mile 6 - cute bunny
- Mile 7 - bats (yes bats!)
- Mile 12 - annoying songs that get stuck in your head
- Mile 17 - Do work son!
I'm thrilled with the run and we worked hard to achieve negative splits.  We knocked out our final mile in 8:57!  We were both pushing each other along and it was a great feeling.
18 miles - 2:55 - 9:44 average pace
My fueling strategy for the race was to stick with what I know.  I had my sport beans and the Gatorade energy chews.  The Gatorade chews are delicious and very easy to eat quickly.  I had steady energy throughout and no "issues".
My post run treat was a Publix sub with deli chicken and cheddar.  It was a real delight!
Thinking about the run, it seems so far out from my race (almost 3 months) to do such a long run, but that's what the schedule says.  And I'm a rule follower.  I will hopefully get in a few more 16-18 milers and 1 20 miler about a month out.  Yes, I should do more long runs, however with my race announcing and travel schedule it gets hard.  I also hate to say, but about 6 hours after my run I had a sharp pain on the outside of my foot. No bueno.

I'm still foolishly hoping it will just go away, but I am taking it easy this week.  My mileage goes back down next week and then builds back up.

Now I'm off to bed to get ready for a wonderfully busy RunDisney weekend!

What'd you eat for dinner last night?
What's your favorite Disney movie?

Love and doing the 18,
Carissa & Kyle
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