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18 Diet Substitutions and Healthier Food Choices

Posted Jan 25 2012 5:20pm
  • Choose fresh whole foods over processed foods
  • Drink water with lemon or herbal tea rather then high calorie soda's with sugar or artificial sweetners
  • Replace greek yogurt for sour cream as a topping or in recipes
  • Select deep colored leafy vegetables: arugula, romaine, spinach, and/or kale in place of less nutrient dense iceberg lettuce
  • Avoid bad fats in regular peanut butter, find a natural peanut butter
  • Try using cacao for chocolate in cooking or for snacks  
  • Use Olive Oil and other healthy oils for cooking in place of butter
  • Look for Non-Transfat alternatives for table butter
  • Prepare meals with fresh herbs, cracked pepper for cooking; try using Mrs. Dash for table salt
  • Substitute crushed flax or fiber cereal for bread crumbs in recipes
  • Use Half & half for cream in sauces, or arborio rice to thicken sauces
  • Try pesto, or chipolte and fresh vegetables in place of cheese on sandwiches (if watching cholestrol, or to reduce dairy)
  • Select whole grain breads with natural ingredients for white bread
  • Lower fat content in recipes by replacing ground turkey for ground beef
  • Enjoy frozen yogurt with fresh fruit instead of ice cream
  • Make homemade salad dressings & marinades in place of bottled, processed ingredients  
  • Try soy milk, almond milk and coconut milk for whole or 2% milk (watch for sugar content by reading the labels)
  • Lower calories by choosing a glass of red wine in place of a cocktail, when dining out
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