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15-16 Mile Functional Run

Posted Aug 27 2009 11:27pm

Yes, I did my long run this morning before work, actually I ran to work.  Since weekends are also work days, I took advantage of not having to start until 10Am to sneak in my long run.

Why do I think this is functional? Well, I am running to a destination that I have to get to anyways, and I am getting in my long run!

Unlike my last long run attempt, this one was a million and one times better!   How does one prepare to run to work?  Well, you plan ahead.  Yesterday, I brought an extra set of clothes, make up, shower stuff to the office and left it in my drawer.  During our one 20 minute break, I ran with a one of my awesome staff members to Jack Rabbit Sports to pick up some fuel.   Since the clif shots are now in the most annoying vertical packaging, I picked up some gu chomps, clif shots, and sports beans.  I actually didn’t end up using any of these,  but I will let you know what I think, since I have never tried any of these brands.

blog 010

This morning I woke up at 5:45, I wore my race ready shorts, packed with my metrocard, credit card, nyu id, a few bucks, keys, a probar fruition bar, and sports beans.  I also strapped on my fuel belt filled with 4 waters and my cell phone.

I hit the road around 6:05.  I ran down Vernon over the 59th Street Bridge and into Central Park.  Unlike the total sluggishness I felt on my last run, this one was fairly effortless.  I wasn’t going particularly fast, but I felt strong and steady. I ran up East Drive and cut across the 102nd Street transverse.  I then ran down to 72nd where I cut to Central Park West where Derek was waiting for me. 

Good news, about 7.3 miles into the run, I had all my hills done—the bridge, cat hill and the generally rolling hills of the CP loop.  Until I met Derek, I listened to Kara Goucher’s Endurance Boost Coached Run and some tunes from my latest playlist.

Derek was wearing a backpack, which helps compensate for the difference in our speeds, and made me feel less guilty for making him hold back.  Thanks buddy, but don’t be afraid to push me either :)

We took off for Riverside Park and then headed down the Hudson Parkway along the water.  It was a little windy but doable, and the breeze was nice.  We ran all the way from 72nd to Canal Street before cutting across town to Mercer and running back to my office to stretch a bit.


So here is where some confusion began. I had mapped out my route ahead of time and according to Mapmyrun, and I should have hit 15 miles if I had cut across town much earlier.  However, when I looked at my Garmin FR60 around 23rd Street, I knew there was no way we had 5 miles left before hitting the office.  So we passed my intended cut off at 10th Street and kept going to Canal.  Even so, my Garmin only read 13.12 miles  in 2 hours and 30 minutes when we hit my office. 

However, I realized we reached our destination pretty early, so I decided to get in my last 2 miles on the rooftop track at the gym, since I was going there to shower anyways.  So despite a brief break, I am happy I hit my mileage goal of 15.

So I know I did a minimum of 15.2 miles.  However, I think that I may need to calibrate my watch because when I checked my exact route on both and they both came up at 14.25 with just the run, not the extra two roof top miles.  I am not really sure if my watch is off or not, it has been pretty accurate with the central park loop.  I think I am going to test one more time on a route I know the exact distance for and decide whether i need to calibrate it.  However, if it is off, it would explain why my pace was so so slow on Sunday.  In sum, I ran somewhere between 15.2 and 16.3 fairly fabulous miles this morning. 

During my run,  I ate a Fruition Bar that I got in my summit swag bag.  It was good, it had a very nutrigrain/fig newton feel to it.  I would definitely buy the product.

blogger summit and boston 047

After I showered at the gym, I had a Kashi TLC Peanut Butter Bar.  Yum.


After about an hour in the office, I headed to a special brunch for the Res Life staff. 

Oh My God, I have never seen so much food in my life.  It was like a massive wedding brunch. 

Seriously, there were

  • three omelet stations
  • several waffle stations
  • pancake stations
  • eggs benedict stations
  • salad bars
  • breakfast sides of every kind
  • a deluxe bagel and lox station
  • soup bars
  • a chocolate fountain with fruit and marshmallows
  • pastry stations filled with muffins, cinnamon rolls, donuts, scones and pretty much anything else you can imagine
  • yogurt parfait making stations
  • fruit tables
  • dessert bars with at least a dozen types of cakes, sweet breads, cookies, pastry and biscotti
  • sandwich bars
  • grill food
  • cappuccino bar

For the past two weeks, I have eaten almost every meal buffet style at the same dining hall, and my portions have been getting bigger and bigger.  And sadly, I am getting really used to eating twice as much as I normally would and not feeling overly full.

I arrived not even hungry. I am never hungry on long run days, but ravenous the next day.  It’s just my bodies MO.

However, as usual lately, I wanted to try everything.  Not to mention, the food was so so much better than the food over the last week, since it was catered not just regular dining services.  Actually, they have this brunch every Sunday, but today was a special treat for us.

I filled my tray with a huge fruit, granola and yogurt parfait, a salad, a medium blueberry muffin, a few pieces of banana with a small drizzle of chocolate, some strawberries, a chocolate biscotti, and 1/4 piece of cheesecake.  I don’t know how I did it but I finished almost everything except the biscotti, salad and some strawberries. 

  It wasn’t  until after, when we decided to use of 40 minute break to go on a walk when I realized how full I was.  But I was basically waddling down 14th feeling sick. It was cute.

Today brought up many questions that I need to consider if I am going to make this dining hall thing work for me. Feeling sick after means is definitely not in accordance with my stay healthy during madness goal. Why are my eyes so much bigger than my stomach? Where did this last meal mentality come from?  Why didn’t I start with a healthy egg white veggie, omelet some salad and fruit, and then have split one or two sweet items I wanted the most? 

Should I go in to the dining hall with a plan?  Should I start with just a salad and then decide later if I need something else?  Should I limit myself to one plate?  Dessert to once a day? 

Just a few hours after that enormous brunch, we had a meeting with chocolate, white chocolate dipped vanilla strawberries, fancy cannolli, and fruit pops served to us.  It is never ending. I don’t like to have to feel like I am restricting myself or need control tactics in place.  That is not really the type of eating habit I promote.  But I also can’t eat more food then my body wants, that is not good for it either. 

It’s so weird even writing this, I typically have found moderation and portion control to come fairly naturally. But then again, I never ate in a dining hall as a student, and this summer has been one never ending buffet since July.  I want to be clear that I don’t feel guilty in any way, because seriously, I don’t.  I own my choices, and they haven’t been all bad, I always have a big salad.  I just want to figure out how I can continue to enjoy eating an deal with the never ending buffet, but leave meals feeling satisfied and energized not stuffed to capacity.

I am not really sure what (if any) my plan will be going forward, as my job does come with a meal plan, but I may write more about this topic in the future.

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