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“Rebirth” superposition “male and female”, Gao Yang’s crossover of religious domain

Posted Apr 13 2013 1:46am

When the field’s outside tentacles extend to the original belong to industry, to seek joint and try, “crossover” has become the best way to stimulate new ideas. Limit to “world” is not today, edge areas such as pure interpretation, as agent of fusion between concepts and ideas. The Gao Yang SimonGao big show, it is difficult to use “what across the world” to define him. Can only say that he broke the “world”, and the other is its rebirth.

Cross-border cooperation is cultural communication and interaction, it will make me have progress

About cross-border Gao Yang can have a bunch of examples . From the very beginning of celebrity stylist, stylist of photography, fashion designer, later, he has been in a few short years cooperate with several stars celebrities, as well as the cooperation, such as MOTOROLA, infiniti brand. He find the happiness in the culmination of cooperation and creation passion, in the cooperation of the Bauhaus design colour stitching restructuring for pick up, in the stage of the cooperation of clothing on the performance of dynamic aesthetic, the feeling of  a new understanding, in the design of its own brand, tried many new possibilities. Gao Yang said, “cross-border cooperation can bring people not only commercial interests, it also will make the designer to progress.”

Cross-border elements @ cycle:

Just open a personal exhibition in Paris, after returning from he did the mini Couture, inspiration comes from Chinese elements, the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire, earth, and empty. After creating a garment, it is today’s show.

Androgyny is used for soul of the SimonGao2013/2014 autumn/winter series . with male perspective, outline of female outline signs and make another male with female curve, is the essence of designers design concept for a hermaphrodite.

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