June 1, 2013 · 9:32 am

My ode to my favorite place in the world.


    The whiff of fresh coffee on chilly streets at 7 o’clock AM.
    my favorite things about my favorite city.

    The sudden glow of the subway as it approaches the station.
    Washington Square Park on a summer evening: complete with choreographed light saber wars, the pigeon guy, toddlers splashing joyfully in the fountain, the odd concert, and the Vibe Wall… all at once, of course.
    WSP The almost unexpected vision of the Empire State Building or the World Trade Center when you turn a corner, depending on which direction you’re facing.  The feeling of serenity I get by sitting in an apartment’s crafty outdoor space (fire escape, roof, etc.).Rooftop loving in Brooklyn. The sudden reminder in early spring that it’s certainly not all concrete and steel.
    IMG_1292 IMG_0657garden2 Puddles on cobblestones.  Little old couples arguing loudly… while holding hands like they’ll never let go. Getting a cab driver who has an epic life story or is just awesome in general. Walking aimlessly around the streets only to stumble into little scenes of people’s lives, photo shoots… or the set of Girls. (True story.)
    an ode to the world's greatest city. The way the skyline looks on the Lincoln Tunnel Helix, no matter the weather or the time of day. On a late sunny afternoon, it’s full of pastel color. On a cloudy day, it’s mysterious and melancholy. At night, it’s full of energy and opportunity. And first thing in the morning, it’s absolutely majestic. IMG_0832IMG_1207IMG_1505 The beautiful assortment of people and produce at the market.
  1. The random bits of wisdom, inspiration, and hilarity that appear out of nowhere.
    IMG_0139 IMG_1614 IMG_0679bubbles


If you couldn’t tell, I can’t get enough of this place. It’s good to be home.



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