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13 in 2013 -- February

Posted Feb 19 2013 8:09am

Last month, in honor of the turning of the year and the desire to continue my personal growth, I announced my "13 in 2013" plan. It is along the lines of a New Year's resolution, but spread out over twelve months. This is an extension of my Resolution and Revolution deal from 2012, which you can read about here . The idea for "13 in 2013" being to dedicate 13 minutes per day, five days a week to something enriching, from a new hobby, activity, to something as simple as reading or writing.

For January I told myself I would learn to knit. Or at least dedicate 13 minutes to knitting every day.

Guess what? I FAILED. Epically. If you click over the link above you will see a photo of said knitting needles and yarn and they are very nearly in the exact same arrangement, gathering dust. Sad. Very sad.

So for February, my goal is to actually knit something. And I will hold myself to it here, on Ladies Holiday. Next month you will see something, however pathetic, that I knitted by my onesie. (Or not...this month is flying by and as busy as ever- see below. One girl can only commit herself to so many things. Let's just say fingers crossed on the knitting.)

Coupled with that, I am going to challenge myself to go to bed 13 minutes earlier and get up 13 minutes earlier. For a while now my "bedtime" crept up to the wee hours leaving me struggling to get out of bed, no matter how "late" my littles let me sleep in (ahem. seven.) I still couldn't drag my sorry butt into an upright position. So early to bed, early to rise...or something.

Source: via Mandie on Pinterest

What's been eating up so much of my time? Sugar. Read more about that on my blog and check back for more on my adventure soon, here on Ladies Holiday.  Are you working on anything, self-improvement, a new skill, something for your physical or mental health? If so, share below. We love to celebrate our triumphs (and come clean in our failures :/)
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