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12 ways to become the most gorgeous person you know

Posted Aug 22 2013 12:02am

I know, I know, it’s been a while. I hope you haven’t felt too neglected. I love you all dearly and trust that you will be super satisfied with today’s offering. Normally I’d be writing about food, nutrition etc. but today we’re going a bit broader and looking at ways to get gorgeous without focusing on weight, looks or the external. We’re going deep people so hang on tight.

A gorgeous shot taken on our honeymoon in Fiji.

A place that makes me feel absolutely gorgeous

I love it when people step outside of the box a bit and stretch their limits. It’s far more interesting than continuing on with the same old especially when it’s a gutsy move that leaves you exposed. Blogging for me is one of these things. It consistently scares the crap out of me and then leaves me feeling invigorated and so glad I did it.

We all have a huge number of layers to our personalities. You are a complex, multidimensional, constantly evolving individual with interests and thoughts that often go way beyond the way people traditionally think of you. Let them out, fly the flag and I guarantee people will be interested.

Things happen as we move through life, our stories get richer and our experiences mount in number. The more you share your stuff the more likely it is to help someone else who can either relate or use it to help them through some future trouble.

Remember that who you are as a person counts far more than what you look like. Some of the most gorgeous people I know don’t necessarily look it. The great, memorable people you come across in life are brain hot.

Happiness is contagious. You emit a joyful spirit and a little of it will always rub off on those around you. Negative energy works the same way and I know which one I’d rather leave in my wake.

We all know someone who loves a good argument and whether you give as good as you get or cringe at the prospect of someone confronting your views being open to a different perspective is super important. Approaching it with kindness and interest are they keys to a productive and enlightening conversation.

There is nothing more unattractive than speaking with someone who is constantly looking over your shoulder for someone better to speak to. So rude.

Always ask questions of people and pay attention to your conversations. I get that sometimes we’re tired or just bored by what the other person is saying but you never know, if you spark up, pay attention and ask a few questions that take the conversation in a more interesting direction you might just have a far better time for yourself. And people won’t think you’re rude.

This one never fails. People who read are sexy and interesting. I don’t mean book snobs or name droppers but people who find something they are interested in and care enough to read about it. You’re never worse off for having read a book.

Don’t just float through your life. Actively decide how you want your life to run and get cracking with it. Gorgeous people are those who are really in everything they do rather than just enduring their lives as they unfold.

Try new stuff. Volunteer, change career, move town, plan to travel, take up a hobby, order something from the menu you’ve never had before. However big or small these new experiences light a spark in you that gets you excited and gives you great new conversation too.

Find a cause that you’re passionate about and get on board. If you have the good fortune to be a blog reader then you’re far better off than the majority of the population and you have the opportunity to do some good. Don’t ever ignore that simple fact. Awareness is gorgeous.

Soooo, what do you think? Anything here you’d like to work on? Anything you’d like to add?


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