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12 Simple Ways To Improve Your Life In 20 Days

Posted May 06 2010 9:28pm


Twenty days may not seem like a long time, but it is enough time for a new behaviour to become a habit. Repeat any or all of the following for 20 days, and you will positively impact your finances, your body, your brain, and what you do with your spare time. Try them all, and watch your life improve!
1. Stop watching television. Do something fun, or interesting instead.
2. Cancel all magazine subscriptions, except for 1 or 2 you absolutely love. this will save you money. Many magazines can be read free via your local library, and some have their best articles available on the Internet.
3. Related to the above: limit the number of magazines you buy at the checkout counter. Some people buy one every time they shop, which could be 10 times per month! this adds up.
You may want to arrange a weekly or monthly magazine exchange with friends, so that you all get the pleasure of reading them, but not the cost.
4) Give old magazines (after everyone has read them!) to hospitals, or to your doctor’s office, so that others may also enjoy them.
5) Go for a walk outside every day that the weather allows. Go by yourself, with a friend, your spouse, your kids, or your dog.
Walking reduces the risk of heart disease, helps lower your stress levels, lowers the possibility of developing diabetes, and releases mood enhancing chemicals into your body.
Getting outside in natural sunlight improves your mood.
A change of scenery or taking a walk in a different area helps brain function by introducing something new.
And time spent talking with and enjoying the company of those you care most about is good for your heart, lessens stress levels, and–again–lifts your mood.
6.) When the weather does not allow for walks out of doors, why not walk around a local mall? It provides many of the same benefits as walking out of doors.
Again, try it with a friend, relative, or a neighbor for added benefit.
7.) Drink lots of water, even in the winter.
It washes contaminants from the body, clears your skin, makes you feel more energetic, and even helps to fill you up, so that you will eat less.
8.) Read a good book.
Fiction or not, books entertain, inform, and even encourage us.
They exercise your brain, and, if you read while you workout you can workout your body at the same time.
9) If you cannot walk outdoors or get to a mall due to the weather or other factors, walk around your house.
Vary your pace, do some walking lunges, go up and down the stairs. And why not put some music on and step to the beat? You will get in your workout without even realizing working out is what you are doing!
10) Go meatless one or two days per week.
It forces you to eat more veggies, cuts calories, and encourages you to try out new recipes.
11.) Consciously choose to focus on the positive. It will change your life more than any other thing I can think of.
A gratitude journal is a great tool in doing this.
12.) This one’s a real challenge–cut out all sugar from your diet for 20 days.
You may lose weight, will have more energy, look better, and feel better.
Maybe not for the first couple of days, when you may be somewhat less than your best self due to your desire for sugar, but once your body adjusts, you will feel an amazing difference.

Have a living good tip of your own? Why not share? Helpful comments and suggestions are always most welcome!

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