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12 kinds of food most longevity, keep you healthy live to old

Posted May 07 2013 5:27am
  1 blueberries. Antioxidant effect, rich in vitamins and minerals, can prevent inflammation and promote cell product radical emissions beneficial to reduce the incidence of cancer, heart disease, cheap christian louboutin outlet  cognitive disorders or Parkinson syndrome.
  2 salmon. Contained in Omega 3 is the source of many fatty acids, can enhance brain and heart function, play a role in the prevention of cognitive disorders.
  3 yogurt. A good source of probiotics, probiotics can protect the immune system, and enhance disease resistance function and helps the body absorb the nutrients in the food.  cheap christian louboutin pumps  The habit of yogurt can help to maintain good health, the prevention of certain cancers and relieve diarrhea, urinary tract infections and so good.
  4 sweet potatoes. Rich in potassium, fiber and vitamins A, vision, bones, fertility, growth and development of children are good, but also helps to maintain blood pressure, blood sugar normal.
  5 green tea. The high content of antioxidants,  red bottom shoes on sale  anti-aging, as well as to help balance cholesterol.
  6 spinach. Low calorie, but rich in vitamins A and E, minerals, calcium, human cells play a protective role. Cup of spinach juice contains calcium equivalent to the amount contained in a glass of milk. Also on the cardiovascular system has many advantages.
  7 tomatoes. Lycopene-rich, it is possible to slow down the aging of the human body, and help the body resist such as prostate cancer,  christian louboutin sneakers women  and coronary heart disease, while containing many potassium, iron and other trace elements as well as vitamins A, C, E, etc., by a variety of method of cooking, without loss of nutritional .
  8 dark chocolate. Containing large amounts of flavonoids, can help protect the heart health.
  9 oats. Is the main source of soluble fiber, can reduce cholesterol levels, control blood sugar, reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.
  10 bananas. Contains a substance that can help the brain produce 5 - serotonin, and people feel pleasant, comfortable, cheap louboutin shoes   lively and cheerful, Therefore, patients with depression should usually be more than adequate bananas, can reduce depression caused by the hormone, the despair, weary irritable mood gradually dissipated. Insomnia easy to fall asleep at bedtime eat bananas, but also because bananas can increase the vitality of the brain - serotonin chemical composition, can be hypnotic.
  11 multi-fiber foods. christian louboutin shoes outlet    Each meal to eat whole grains, brown rice, as well as multi-fiber foods and complex carbohydrates, help enhance satiety, prevent irritable mood. White bread, pasta and finishing flour food is not easy it is to maintain a good mood, but also more likely to lead to obesity.
  12 lentils. Soy foods rich in B vitamins and folic acid, can improve mood and brain function.   cheap christian louboutin heels   Harvard University study found that 38% of depression in women there is a lack of folic acid.
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