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11 reasons why exercising at home never works out and 11 ways how you can fix it

Posted May 17 2009 11:43pm 2 Comments

Staying in shape is the ultimate goal of millions of people around the world. But no matter how eager they are to lose some weight or to tone their muscles their attempts still fail time after time. Working out at home seems like a great idea for all those people who do not have money or time or even confidence to go to the gym. But again their efforts fly away in the wind without ever producing any result. “Been there, done that?” Well, I can say that I’ve been there and I am not ashamed to admit this, but I discovered a few mistakes that I’ve made that actually led me to these unfortunate results. If you are trying to exercise at home but week after week your exercise DVDs are collecting dust somewhere in your junk room, your running shoes see the light only when you go to the grocery store and your super exercise machines turn into fancy clothes hangers then stick with us to learn how you can change this “vicious” cycle.

  1. You do not have any particular time set for your workout.

    New way: set aside some time for yourself and make it a rule in your house that nobody disturbs you when you are working out. You can exercise early in the morning when all members of your family are still asleep or substitute your favorite evening TV show for a workout.

  2. You exercise in your regular clothes or wear your 10 year old T-shirt and bum around shorts.

    New way: buy comfortable workout clothes that look good on you and always wear it for your workouts at home. This will boost your confidence and make you actually enjoy your workouts.

  3. You never can find your workout clothes and that is why you prefer to skip your routine.

    New way: hang your workout clothes in plain view and ALWAYS have them ready for your workout.

  4. Your shoes are too old and your feet hurt when you run in them.

    New way: Buy a good pair of shoes and use them only for running, walking or your at home cardio workouts.

  5. Your exercise equipment is never ready.

    New way: put away all those clothes that are hanging on your exercise machine, get your dumbbells out of the garage, lift all that junk off your step and weight bench and get them ready for some work. If some of your equipment is too outdated and you haven’t used it for 5 or more years then most likely it is time to put it on Ebay or at your local garage sale so that you can make more room to use for some serious exercise.

  6. You do not have any exercise equipment at home.

    New way: actually you do not need any. Your own weight gives you just enough resistance to sculpt your body. Choose those types of exercise that do not require any extra equipment like running or kick-boxing for cardio, Yoga for stretching and mind and body connection, dancing for coordination and cardio or Pilates and resistance training with your own weight for strength and getting a perfect shape.

  7. Your house simply does not have any room for exercise. Every time that you want to exercise you need to move a few chairs or even a couch to clear some room.

    New way: rearrange your furniture permanently to have easy access to a 5 ft by 8 ft area. If you are using exercise DVDs or YouTube videos then this area must be in front of a TV or a computer.

  8. You do not know where to start.

    New way: start educating yourself about exercise. You can subscribe to fitness magazines like Shape, Women’s health, Fitness Magazine, Oxygen, FitYoga, Yoga journal and others (you can find great deals for subscriptions at )or simply look through their online resources. You can also read fitness blogs like Balance In Me (I couldn’t help mentioning it :-)), Zen Habits, Free Women’s Fitness, Yogatic and any others that you can find.

  9. You do not have enough motivation to work out at home.

    New way: Get some help from people around you: whether this is your spouse, friend or colleague, ask them to “monitor” you. You will get extra motivation if you share your goal with these people and ask them to keep track of your progress. Another option is to join one of the online communities that offer support for those who want to exercise or lose weight. Some of the best ones are SparkPeople and My Pipeline.

  10. You do not have any specific goal. “I need to exercise to stay healthy” is a very vague goal that cannot be tracked in any way.

    New way: set a simple short-term goal. The examples might be, “I want to exercise 3 days a week for a month”, and “I need to do 30 crunches every day for a month”, “In two months I want to be able to run 3 miles.” After you have reached your first goal think of the next one and in a few months at home workouts will be as natural as breathing. Also do not forget about an exercise diary or journal where you can track all of your workouts and achievements.

  11. Exercises at home just do not seem like fun.

    New way: Start by trying a few different workouts and then choosing the one that you like the best. Who said that you need to do boring crunches and push-ups and run around the block every day? You can try Zumba, Stripdance, Body Sculpt, Triathlon training, Pilates, Yoga, Kick-Boxing and many other workouts. Again the Internet is your magical source to get all these workouts for free. One more important thing from my point of view is the right sound track. Working out without music just won’t be any fun so spend some time creating a playlist of the most energizing songs on your computer. You can also use professionally created exercise music from (this is what I do personally because this is the cheapest source of CDs and MP3 downloads).

Working out at home is a great way to stay fit and to save money and having a little bit of will power to stick with your at home exercise routine is all you need for a gorgeous, toned and beautifully shaped body.

Keep it balanced!

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I was in inpatient Rehab for exercising to help me walk again and then outpatient. I did my exercises at home for a while, but then I got bored with it. This is a real bad habit of mine. I know my physical therapist would be very disappointed in me. I do have a balance problem and am prone to fall quite a bit. When I get down on the floor I can't get up. I have to push my panic button and the rescue squad has to get me up off of the floor. It's like the ladie on the ad says "I fell and I can't get up." I have finally learned to crawl to a certain chair and I can usually get up by myself.
It's good that you are keeping up your exercise even though it is so challenging for you. I can't imagine being in your place and I think that you have a lot of courage because you keep on going. It's fine to feel frightened and disappointed sometimes (even people without any health issues have lack of motivation pretty often) but the most important is that you still get up and keep exercising. You should be a real inspiration and example for many people out there who give up exercise simply because of laziness and boredom. Just keep going!
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