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11 mILES fOR 1-11-11

Posted Jan 11 2011 4:25pm

Yeah right! That would have been cool, but I only did 4.25 miles. I was planning on just 3, but I added a little extra that I skimped on yesterday , and I just felt really good today so I kept running.

When I left the house for my run, our thermometer said it was 28°. When I came back it said 29°. But I ran past a bank and their thermometer said 7°...interesting. I think ours might be a little bias to the sunshine!


Something I have become pretty addicted to on my runs is my music. Not that it’s awesome tunes or anything, but it just a nice distraction, especially on the really long runs.

My poor little ipod has taken a beating this winter the freezing temperatures it has a hard time staying alive. And the cord, it gets so frozen that I fear if I bend it, it will snap right in half.

A couple days ago, I did a little revamp on the contents of my ipod...but still, I don’t have enough fun/new songs on there. But after over a year of the same stuff, any little change makes a difference.

Some artists on the pod right now: AFI, Linkin Park, Hawthorne Heights, Katy Perry, Pink, Black Eyed Peas, Coheed & Cambria, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, & Smile Empty Soul. There are more, but those are my favs.

Got any favorites I should know about?

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