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11 in 11

Posted Dec 30 2010 12:00am

After making a modest list of goals for the next month, I got to thinking about all the great plans and goals I have for next year and about how excited I am for them, and would like to share them with you. It’s not a list of resolutions per se, since it’s not a list of things I have to do from myself, or things I wish to improve, but rather a list of things I am planning on doing and looking forward to. Besides, with my background in business/economics it feels rather foreign to make only short or long term goals and objectives. As with anything in life, if you want to succeed, both a long-term and short-term planning are crucial.


11 things I want to do in 2011:

Things that didn’t make the list: travel and diet. As far as traveling goes, the boy and I had plans to train rail across Europe but that plan has been sidetracked (pun intended) in lieu of spending more time in Denmark (hopefully in 2012 though!). And as for diet: I’m sure some things will change over the course of an entire year, but I am pretty happy with the way I eat now, so no long-term plans, goals or intentions there!

Well with that out of the way, let’s talk food & exercise! B and I had a running date together this morning after a hiatus of some weeks! Granted, it wasn’t the smartest of plans going for a run in the forest, and the the entire tracks and paths being iced over forced us to run around in the neighborhood. Not very exciting, but a run is a run! We ran for about 45 minutes and called it quits. Being out in the cold, fresh air for two straight hours (including cycling from and to the forest) was lovely!


I fueled my run with a big bowl of soy yogurt, crunchy granola (the sugary kind), raisins, hazelnuts & half a banana (and maybe some unpictured dark chocolate…)

I definitely haven’t perfected my pre-workout choice of food yet, even though I’ve been an avid exerciser for 4 years now! My mentality is always to eat more/a lot because I’m afraid of running out of energy, but a lot of times I’ll end up being in pain/nauseated! I read at Gabriela’s blog that Thrive (By Brendan Frasier, about vegan nutrition for athletes) describes very well on which foods to focus prior to exercising. It’s been on my wishlist for a long time now so I think this justifies me finally purchasing it!’

Post-run lunch: brown rice, baked chickpeas, raisins & nuts (pecans, cashews & peanuts). I had the intention of having veggies with my lunch butall there was was a paprika, cauliflower and carrots, all of whom I do not like seperataly, only heavily incorporated in a dish ;). So nuts it was!

Yesterday’s lunch. I roasted a pumpkin for dinner but when lunch time rolled around, I was craving it heavily after the house smelled of sweet, roasted pumpkin all morning!

Snack was random since I was in a hurry, but nevertheless yummy and satisfying: banana, peanutbutter for dipping, and soy milk. By the way: I love soy milk! Most bloggers have switched to almond milk but believe you me, I eat my fair share of nuts already, so in my case the (higher protein) soy milk is a healthier alternative ;)

Dinner was my (by now infamous I believe :p) coconut-curry-pumpkin soup, for the fairly simple reason I had a pumpkin lying around. I used my handblender that I got for Christmas for the first time and it worked pretty well, but I think the soup consistency was a bit too thick to get it all smooth!

Thick, creamy pumpkin soup <3

Isa really likes to ‘help’ in the kitchen….

I decided on making a nice after-dinner treat for me and the boy while I was looking for inspiration for my NYE dessert (which I can’t post yet since Marieke will then know what I’m bringing  :p). I came up with these fabulous and super-easy Oat Truffles! I’ll post the recipe tomorrow!

My curious nature always loves seeing other people’s lists!

Me and the boy are going to hang out with a bunch of our friends, just drinking, chatting, dancing, until close to midnight when we’ll go Leidse square to look at some pretty fireworks! (I’m just so afraid Isa will go nutsss over the firework :( )



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