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Posted Jan 05 2010 12:00am

#11, attempt to learn a new language.

But how should I narrow it down? I had 3 years of spanish in highschool, which I couldn’t tell you what month we were in, or the day of the week. I can “puedo il al bano” or “que pasa?”. Tis a shame I am not fluent in Spanish. My two best friends are fluent, and one of them actually TEACHES spanish in highschool as a career. My fathers wife, is bilingual (from P.R.), and my whole new family whom many of which I can’t hold a conversation in Spanish. Tis a shaaaaaame. And as a business major, I should speak a second language to have a competitive advantage and although English is the primary business language, I should speak another one.

The summer before college I spent some time in Italy with a close friend and her family. I didnt speak a lick of it, but I got adjusted by the end. I figured with 5 weeks of constant italian, learning it college should be a breeze! Wrong. In Siano, a little outside Palermo, they spoke dialect. Like many small ‘una citas’ do.  When I went to my first class, I knew I was in big trouble. First year, I passed with a B, not too shabby. Second year, I failed miserably. I literally FAILED the language of the country I spent 5 weeks in. I had to take it during the summer, at a different college, with a different professor. I passed with an A, so to prove my theory, that other professor was a meany head, and I didn’t deserve that F.

My Grama, her first language is French. My father USE to speak French and German when he was younger. My mother told me a story of when my twin brother and I were younger. We lived so close to the Canadian border, we use to get Sesame Street in French… often times spoke (or just repeated everything) in french after watching an episode or two. Cute right?  Well Grama use to try to teach me French when I was younger, but if any of you know ‘Frenchie’ (my Gramas nickname), you know she’s fresh. So by the time I was in 4th grade, I knew a ton of swear words in French.  I’ve always been drawn to the French language. Although not quite an auditory pleasure as Spanish or Italian, French just sounds like a a serious language. Like “I mean what I’m saying, because I’m saying it in Freeeeeeeench”. So I’m one of those lasses who is all hopped up on technology, and hello Nintendo DS.  I LOVE all the educational games, and I picked up My French Coach:

Its actually really fun! I just haven’t picked it up in awhile.  Although, I dont believe I’ll become fluent this way, it will just catch me up to speed to my basic knowledge of Spanish & Italian.

When I was in 5th grade, we had a hearing-impaired student. She used sign-language, and that was the first time I’ve ever seen someone communicate with their hands! I was so amazed. She had her translater with her, but she never really interacted with the other students. So, I told my Nana I wanted to learn Sign Language so I can be her friend and talk to her (awwwwww, Sesame Street lessons pays off). So my Nana thought it was a wonderful idea and bought me all sorts of books! I picked it up really fast, and soon enough I was signing with my new friend. And my new friend was correcting me, and teaching ME how to sign. Of all the languages I studied, I remember sign language the most.  I’ve only used it less than a dozen of times after 5th grade, but Spanish I’ve needed to use at least once  month.

So I think Spanish may be the  first language of choice I should learn. I would have help from the people around me, and I saved my text books and even bought audio CD’s for my mother…which she hasn’t opened….so perhaps I’ll use those too? I look forward to holding conversations with my friends and family, listening to Shakira’s album, and perhaps, even posting the last language update in Spanish :)

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